Lean Start

CAUTION – This post is lengthy.  So if you are not interested in the ramblings of a 20-something gal – but only interested in my fitness stats – please skip to the bottom!  Thank you!

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So – I publicly launched my blog yesterday on Facebook & Twitter…and ya’ll are awesome!!  I was grinning like a school-girl at recess when I looked up my Site Stats. I thank you kindly for your support…it will help me stick to my goal of being fit and providing you with a lil’ bit of entertainment throughout your day.

Speaking of…some of the feedback I received was that my “Today’s Stats” line at the end of each post was a lil’ out-of-place.  I couldn’t agree more!  It is one of those things where I wanted to keep you updated on my workouts, but didn’t know where else to post them.  So, like many of the friends I follow, I have decided to include a weekly “Lean Review.” (Which, I promise, will be shorter in the future!)

My weigh-in is on Tuesdays, so what better time to update you on my weekly progress?!  Tuesday…as in…the middle of no-week?  Random.  But – it also allows me a day recovery from the weekend 🙂  Uh-huh…this girl is sneaky!

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Some of you have wondered how, exactly, did I get started?  To be honest, I have tried everything under the sun to get fit and lose weight – everything that is – but what was right for ME.  I was trying everyone else’s workouts and eating habits…only to realize that the chubby face in the mirror was indeed, not a Cabbage Patch Doll, but *GASP* me.

So, like so many people ahead of me have discovered, I needed to figure out exactly how many calories I was cramming in a day.  Yep…I kept a food journal for one week.  The hardest part…to NOT CHEAT!  When I was reaching for those yummy Grandma’s Vanilla cookies, I wanted to put the package right back down after I looked at the calories. (A shocking 150 calories for 9 mini cookies!)  Instead, I continued on with my craving and recorded my info at LiveStrong’s “My Plate.”  I believe it is important to record the food, and the time.  This can help you identify cravings patterns.  (For the record, Pepperidge Farms Goldfish Grahams has a Vanilla flavor that is JUST like said cookies!  And you can have 50 pieces for only 120 calories!)  See…it’s about finding what works for YOU!

I started researching what other people were eating, how other people were working out, and how other people were coping with their UNmotivated days.  And to be honest, I started keeping track of the things I liked out of their plans…and promptly disregarded what sounded BOR-ING or torturous!  I mean, why stick to a plan that you dislike…it only sets you up for failure!

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And then I started to think about all the people who were on the same journey as me…and I started to realize that I had ALL the inspiration I needed right in front of me!  I surround myself with it everyday!  Our greatest influences are our family and friends.  A little peek into some of my biggest inspirations:

    • My Aunt Beth.  Who set a goal for herself to lose weight…by running a 1/2 Marathon.  She completed her 1st 1/2 marathon two years ago. YAH!
    • My mother.  Who was convinced by my Aunt Beth to not only walk a 1/2 marathon…but complete one…and enjoy it!  She completed her first 1/2 marathon last year!  I ❤ you Mom!  PROOF below!

  • My Aunt Carleen.  Who took her love of fitness and decided to share it with others.  She opened her very own gym this past year!  Woo-Hoo!
  • My friend Kimi (and fellow Muskie) – who set a goal to be a Size 5 by her 5-Year Anniversary! Her blog was my inspiration to start my own blog!  And she is always trying out fun products and food!
  • My friend Matt (and fellow Muskie) – whose goal to lose weight is kept by maintaining a swimming log.   He measures the equivalent over-land distance from one point…and logs his daily progress as if he were “swimming” to the ocean!
  • My friend KT (and fellow Muskie) – who always makes me laugh…and supports me in everything I do!  Her stated goal, “My fitness goal for this year is to be as flexible as the people in Cirque de Sole.”  Who doesn’t love that kind of enthusiasm?!

And then, I realized that I CAN do this!  I can make a plan, and stick to it!  And I can lose weight!    Below is my first 4 weeks of “Lean Review”:

12.28.2010: Elliptical – Workout #2
12.29.2010: Workout Video – Jillian Michael’s 6-Week Abs – Level 1
12.30.2010 – 01.02.2011: 4 Days Rest.  Oops!  Gotta love the Holidays!
01.03.2011: Elliptical – Workout #2

01.04.2011: Walk – 1.94 Miles – 28:58 Minutes
01.05.2011: Elliptical – Workout #1
01.06.2011: Walk – 1.91 Miles – 28:06 Minutes
01.07.2011: Walk – 1.77 Miles – 27:10 Minutes
01.08.2011: Walk – 1.99 Miles – 31:57 Minutes
01.09.2011: Walk – 2.04 Miles – 31:55 Minutes ; Elliptical – Workout #1

01.10.2011: Walk – 1.98 Miles – 29:15 Minutes
01.11.2011: Walk – 2.03 Miles – 28:53 Minutes ; Elliptical – Workout #1
01.12.2011: Rest
01.13.2011: Walk – 2.01 Miles – 30:09 Minutes
01.14.2011: Walk – 2.09 Miles – 29:12 Minutes ; Elliptical – Workout #1 ; Walk – 1.93 Miles – 28:58 Minutes
01.15.2011: Walk – 2.02 Miles – 29:50 Minutes ; Elliptical – Workout #1 ; Walk – 2.09 Miles – 29:18 Minutes
01.16.2011: Walk – 2.04 Miles – 28:41 Minutes ; Elliptical – Workout #1 ; Walk – 2.06 Miles – 29:03 Minutes
01.17.2011: Walk – 2.06 Miles – 29:30 Minutes

01.18.2011: Workout Video – Jillian Michael’s 6-Week Abs – Level 1
01.19.2011: Bike – 6.15 Miles – 40:01 Minutes (Around the neighborhood)
01.20.2011: Run – 2.49 Miles – 23:48 Minutes
01.21.2011: Elliptical – Workout #2
01.22.2011: Elliptical – Workout #2
01.23.2011: Rest
01.24.2011: Workout Video – Jillian Michael’s 6-Week Abs – Level 1

What is your most treasured accomplishment?


6 thoughts on “Lean Start

  1. Hey, girl!

    Thanks for the shout out (and the link)! I’ve often thought if people could be more encouraging to others, it would make working out less of a drag. Let’s keep checking up on each other!

    You talked briefly about UNmotivated days…yesterday was one of those bad ones. I got up late (stupid alarm clock), felt tired in the water (stupid body), and swam head-first into equipment left in the water (stupid high school swim team with no class).

    When I left the pool, I had decreased from 2400 m on Friday to 1600 on Monday. I started a bunch of negative self-talk (you’re lazy, you’re never gonna lose this weight, no one will ever love you), and then I realized it was CRAZY! Why think like that? Even if it wasn’t good, I still got up at 6 am and swam a whole mile before breakfast. Who else can say that?

    The point is that we’re often far too hard on ourselves. We need a circle of encouragement that helps surround us during those long 400 m sets or the hilly setting on the elliptical. You’re part of that circle for me, and I’m only too happy to be part of yours, too. Get it girl!

    • Hi, Matt! 🙂 I wanted to comment on your response because I absolutely know what you are talking about! I’ve been taking yoga classes daily for the last 2+ years, and one of the things they always tell us is to listen to our body on that particular day. There have been times that I can rock a pose and look like Gumby and the next day I fall out of it several times. Our bodies are different each day in what they are capable of, depending on all other factors going on around us. What we ate, how much sleep we got, work, etc… it all has an effect. But to focus, like you did, on what you accomplised that day is the best attitude to have and the attitude that makes us successful. 🙂

      Good luck to you on your weight loss journey! 🙂

  2. Aww thank you for the shout out! 🙂 What a great topic – I agree that it’s much better to do what works for you than someone else. It sounds like you’re on the right path and I have no doubt that you’ll be successful. ❤

    I think my most treasured accomplishment would be to finally accept and love myself for who I am and to gain the confidence that I lacked for so long. Life is too short and I want my time to be remembered as being happy and loving everyone around me, including myself.

  3. Great entry girl! I love being any kind of inspiration to anyone, it makes me want to do even better on my own journey. You definitely have the right attitude about your goals.

    It’s cliche but my most treasured accomplishment is my son of course. He’s turning into a little person more every day and it’s almost painful of how much it touches my heart.

    Keep up the good work!

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