Sleeping Beauty

You know, they always say that a good night’s rest is a critical part of maintaining a healthy body. 

But…there are some nights, like tonight, where I have a hard time falling asleep.  So when I can find a good, classic movie such as, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,”  it makes me smile. Although I have prolly seen it half a dozen times, it still brings a smile to my face. One can’t help but smile at the scene where she wakes up in a men’s tuxedo shirt, ear plugs, and eye mask – only to forget she had the ear plugs in. CLASSIC!

In the film, party girl Holly Golightly found herself sleeping during the day, which required some sunlight and sound proof accessories (of course, they didn’t have Ambien back then!) to make sure she was well rested for the next night.  The only part of the scene I can really relate to is “Cat” walking all over me during the night (and I wonder why I can’t sleep?!).  Maybe I should invest in some of the modern-day accessories I am coveting below:

Owl Mask:


(via Flickr)

Modern Breakfast at Tiffany’s Mask:


(via Flickr)

Crochet Mask:


(via Flickr)

Golightly Earplugs:


(via JenGen)

Now…if I could just learn to crochet…maybe then…maybe then I could find a full night’s rest.

Good Night Y’all!

What are your remedies for a sleepless night?


3 thoughts on “Sleeping Beauty

  1. Those golightly earplugs are hysterical!!

    I hate not being able to sleep. Sometimes I’ll read in bed which ends up being relaxing and eventually puts me to sleep, other times I end up straightening up, doing dishes, dusting, playing with the kitty, or laying in bed thinking about things like “what did people back in the day do when they didn’t have the docs to make glasses? They’d be considered blind!”

    Btw, I ❤ classic movies. "Some Like It Hot" and "Gigi" are my favorites!

  2. Since reaching 50 I have lots of sleepless nights I find taking anti-histamines helps..You have to make sure you buy the ones that make you drowsy. If you drink coffee at night perhaps try changing to decaf as that might help too!.:)

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