Wednesday Whatabouts: Doppelgängers

Doppelganger (n.) A spiritual or ghostly double or counterpart; esp., an apparitional double of a living person; a cowalker, shared soul.

(Left: Jodie Foster – Center: Me! – Right: Heather Graham)

I’m one of those people who other people always sees a celebrity in me. No – I don’t have narcissistic undertones – lol – it just happens! Everywhere! And just like all gifts, it comes out whether I want it to or not. Standing in line at the check out. Going in for my yearly doctor visit! I guess it’s hard to turn off my “you look just like…” persona.

It first happened back in the 9th grade. A friend’s dad said, “You look just like a young Jodie Foster.” Umm…yeah…maybe he needed glasses?!

(via Google images)

But then it happened again – with an older, wiser friend comparing me to Heather Graham. I immediately went home and watched Austin Powers to see if I acted anything like her!! I mean…I was sporting the blonde hair and all..but…really? Like, Totally Awesome!

(via Google images)

Again – with the college boyfriend – Jodie Foster.

Jodie1 (via Google images)

Again – working my old retail job – Heather Graham.

(via Google images)

How cool are these people who can pick up on bone structure and facial expressions and all that jazz?

And now I’m thinking…why can’t I just pick it out of people? I usually watch a movie, and two days later see a different movie with the same actor and am like, “He looks familiar…” HA. Jokes on me! Not even resembles…but is the SAME actor!! I mean, why can’t I just see Dr. Phil walking across the lobby? Or Cameron Diaz working out at the gym. Or bump into Nicolas Cage at the grocery store?! I would even take Megan Fox as my car mechanic! My life just might be a bit more interesting if I could see celebrity Doppelgängers everywhere! Well – unless I see Jon Gosselin or Kim Jong-il. Then, you may find me cowering in a corner.

Who do you look like? What celebrity doppelgängers frequent your hangouts?


4 thoughts on “Wednesday Whatabouts: Doppelgängers

  1. Hysterical! 🙂 I do that all the time with movies wondering where I know this actor from. Nate and I make it a game to see who can think of where we know them from the fastest.

    People seem to always confuse me with Justin Bieber. I mean, really?? 😉

    In all seriousness, I don’t ever get a “you look so much like Angelina Jolie!”…

  2. I have used those doppelgängers programs that use one of your own pictures to match you to celebs by facial recognition – I always match up to Catherine Zeta Jones – I’ll take it! Most of the time I just meet people for the first time and it never fails that they will say something like, “You look just like a friend of mine” or “You look really familiar, have we met before?” It is amusing 🙂

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