Odor-able Kitty

So – this is probably TMI…but our cat has the most foulest farts…ever

And by that, I mean he can literally wake you out of your sleep!  See below.

So Saturday night I wake out of a dead sleep at 2:00 am.  It takes me but a moment to realize that I woke up because of someone’s bad gas.  But before I can even smack the hubs to make sure he suffers as much as me — I hear him wake up — take two sniffs – and almost gag!!! 

N:  What is that?

J:  I think your fart just woke the neighborhood!

N:  Ppffhh.  It wasn’t me!

J:  Well – it wasn’t me!  (I mean, ladies don’t fart!)


And it’s then that I realize our precious little cat is sitting right between us just casually licking his paws!! 

 N:  Seriously?!  We’re seriously awake at 2:00 am because of our cat’s fart?! 

And before I can burst into a fit of laughter, I roll over and hide under the covers until the mist dissipates. 

Please tell me I am not the only one who has an animal with human traits?!


3 thoughts on “Odor-able Kitty

  1. Oh my gosh that is absolutely hysterical! Farting is the funniest thing ever! Okay, so my kitty doesn’t fart (that I know of, but she goes boom boom like it’s no one’s business), but our family dog used to sit at the dinner table next to us and let one rip all the time. Then he’d look at us with big glossy eyes clearly relieved of the tooting pressure that was building up in his tum-tum. And that smell would make us gag at the dinner table.

    My question is how the heck can something so rancid come out of something so small??? 🙂

  2. Do you give your cat Milk? A lot of cats are intolerant to dairy,so you could try and eliminate that and see if it improves. Has she been wormed? that could also be a factor..You could ask in a health food store for something that your cat could take that would help to reduce the gas in her stomach…Good luck with finding a cure!!!

  3. Sorry to tell you but I think it is just Mario! Cheeba is non oder-able! But Mario’s assests far out weigh his gassests!

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