Lean Review – Week 7

Welp – it’s that time again!  My weekly (don’t hold me accountable, please!) check-in.  I’m not gonna lie…this was a rough week.  I didn’t get in as much exercise as I wanted…and I ate WAY too many snacks!  I mean, who doesn’t shove 100 pieces of caramel candy into their mouths for some mouth-watering fun?!  Alas..but my numbers show it!  I am back up again…slightly.  However, not all is lost!  There were a few small triumphs this week, one of them being that…


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Overall – my body felt pretty good this week. I added a bike workout and a long run. And let me tell you – I was so excited (and nervous) to complete this long run. If you know me at all, you know that I am a super competitive person! I have a hard time just lacing up my sneaks for a relaxing, long run. For some reason, I have 3 miles stuck in my head, and recently, every run has been to do JUST 3 miles – only a little faster each time! And so, I end up never reaching 30 minutes…or beyond. I remember back in high school when we used to do long runs one day a week…and I loved those days…randomly running zigzags through the neighborhoods…encouraging eachother that yes – we CAN finish this! Why couldn’t I do that again, I thought? So on Wednesday, I hung up the competitive shoes and put on the fun-run shoes, figuratively speaking. I set my sights on completing a 30 minute run…AND…I took my average pace of a 9 minute mile and added a minute to it for my goal. Yes…I forced myself to run at a slower pace…and yes, at first, my feet were itching to go a lil’ faster. But once I got my playlist going, I fell right into step with a 10-minute per mile pace.  And when 30 minutes came, I decided to go ahead and do 35 minutes! And it felt GREAT! And so, I broke the time barrier! My mental time barrier, that is 🙂

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Stationary Bike – 30 Minutes – 16.60 Miles
Walk – 1.96 Miles – 29:53 Minutes

Day Off

Day Off

Run – 3.50 Miles – 35:04 Minutes

Elliptical – Workout #1 – 30 Minutes
Walk – 2.01 Miles – 29:52 Minutes
Walk – 2.03 Miles – 30:02 Minutes

Elliptical – Workout #1 – 30 Minutes
Walk – 2.04 Miles – 30:26 Minutes
Walk – 1.80 Miles – 26:52 Minutes

Walk – 1.86 Miles – 27:08 Minutes
Walk – 1.85 Miles – 28:01 Minutes

What are some of the mental barriers in life or in fitness that you want to overcome?


One thought on “Lean Review – Week 7

  1. Great post! Looks like you had some pretty nice triumphs! 🙂

    There are moments in my yoga practice that I push myself into a pose because it looks cool – whether or not my body will sometimes allow it. I have to mentally remind myself that it isn’t a competition, and that I need to only do what I can. One day I’ll be able to get into the pose beautifully, but today isn’t that day. 🙂

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