‘Paw’don Me(ow)!

Welcome to my World…Ruled by this Furry Little Guy…Prince Mario!

*yep…I thought you could use a lil’ bit of furry love on this Friday!* Enjoy!

And this is Mario totally cheesing for the camera!

Mario's 1st Christmas, 2007 - He actually posed for this!

Mom...can I have a cookie? (Bakersfield, CA)

Yes...very talented! That would be a Cherry in his mouth!

Where's the "Snap, Crackle, & Pop?!"

Can You See Me Now?

Where's Mario?

All that work for one little piece of paper...

...can I come too?

All in a Day's Work!


3 thoughts on “‘Paw’don Me(ow)!

  1. OMG I love Mario!!! I may or may not end up taking him with me after our visit. ❤ Those pictures just cracked me up! He is darling! 🙂

  2. Oh my gosh! How adorable!! I posted a blog recently with photos of Hoss, my version of Mario. 🙂 They certainly do have personalities and worm their way into our hearts, don’t they! 🙂 I have a photo of Hoss doing the same thing Mario’s doing on the oven door, except Hoss was eyeing up the fish tank. 🙂

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