Daydream Adventure: Outer Space

A Nebula by Any Other Name…

This enormous cloud of dust & gas is named "LBN 114.55+00.22"

Please join me as my mind wanders to…OUTER SPACE!  This has been a daydream of mine since childhood!  I mean, I couldn’t have been the only 5-year-old declaring that I wanted to be an astronaut when I grew up … Or the only 20-something adult who’s following NASA on Twitter…and…whose 2nd download app was NASA! 

And I’ve toured the Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum in Washington, D.C.

And I’ve met John Glenn

And I’ve visited the Kennedy Space Center in Orlando, FL.

And I’ve driven by the NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston, TX.

But I digress.  Can you even imagine that in order to travel to space you would have to accept this as your new home away from home…

After a grueling 8 minutes from launch to reach space (how is that for speed?!) you could then orbit the Earth about 16 times a day! 

And if you wanted to hop around on the moon: 3 days, 3 hours, 49 minutes.  The Apollo 11 astronauts were launched atop a huge Saturn V multi-stage rocket on July 16, 1969 from Kennedy Space Center and sent quickly on their way. They reached lunar orbit after only three days in space!!!


Can you imagine the complete feeling of isolation when faced with this…

Image from NASA observatory

But then you could turn around and see our lovely planet…

Planet Earth

Speaking of planets…just last week there was an article released from TIME: “A Nine-Planet Solar System Once More? NASA Telescope May Reveal New Planet, Tyche.” (pronounced ty-kee)  I love this part of the article,”When Pluto was demoted from its planet status five years ago, we were pretty shook up. Having eight planets just isn’t so catchy. Classroom wall charts around the globe were taken down and new rhymes had to be learned.”  Yep…I remember using: My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto).

So…please join me on my space odyssey…

Andromeda Galaxy, the nearest large spiral galaxy, which like our own Milky Way, contains several hundred billion stars.


*SIGH* – I do love to daydream…and I hope you enjoyed exploring with me!

And who knows…maybe one day this will be MY face staring back at you!

My Daydream List is just that – a list of adventures and places that would otherwise fill my bulletin boards, drawers, and notebooks. It includes rugged terrain and serene beaches, oceanic endeavors and oriental exploration — anything and everything that makes my heart beat faster. It is not a bucket list, there is no box to be checked, or expectation to be filled. Instead, it is a list of opportunities, and I hope to take on several of them in my lifetime. ~Adapted from 4th & Flatiron’s Adventure List! She stated exactly what I was thinking!! ~


3 thoughts on “Daydream Adventure: Outer Space

  1. I love your daydreams! 🙂 Outer space would be wicked to see first hand.

    My first job out of college I worked for a property management company who was located (and managed) the condo complex downtown where John Glenn lived. I wish I could have seen his condo! Then I saw him at Barnes-N-Noble and I was wearing my Muskingum sweatshirt and walked by him a gazillion times in hopes that he’d recognize it, but he never saw me. 😦 I was like a stalker hiding behind the bookshelves waiting to pop out at any minute.

  2. You’re definitely not alone with this one. Last year while visiting the Royal Oservatory in Greenwich I touched a meteorite that has been guesstimated at 4.5 billion years old! It was awesome. Space is seriously one of the most exciting, wonderful, numinous things ever. I’ll never tire of cocking my head up to the skies 🙂

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