Fun Run – Lakefront (v. 2.0)

Hello my friends!  Today is my Friday again…I used it to my full advantage!  I slept in (hello 8 am!) – I ate a hearty breakfast – gave the kitty a few extra kitty treats…ran my errands… – AND…I got another run in along the Lakefront.  Today is version 2.0…starting from the OTHER end of the 1.5 mile lakefront – so that I can share with you more of beautiful southern Louisiana!

Here is where I started my run…

 As the sun was setting…I got to see the beautiful live oaks in their glory…

And beyond the great oaks…more beautiful southern homes await…as you can tell, this end of the Lake is much more secluded…hidden by the trees…



Hidden among the trees...One of my favorites...

And the LA version of a log cabin…

And another peek at the sunset through the trees…


Goodnight y’all!

And…just an FYI – 5K (3.1 miles) along the Lakefront – 28:24 Minutes:
Mile 1: 8:47 Minutes
Mile 2: 9:17 Minutes
Mile 3: 9:23 Minutes

Soon…soon I will reach the 8:00 minute / mile mark to reach my 2011 goal of a 5K in under 25 minutes!!!  Who can resist with a landscape such as this?!


3 thoughts on “Fun Run – Lakefront (v. 2.0)

  1. Beautiful pics!! 🙂 And holy crap, awesome time on the miles! It’s obvious running is definitely in your genes. 🙂 I was just thinking to myself that I would love to go for runs with you when I’m down there, but dang girl. You are most definitely a fast runner! I’d be doing 14 minute miles (which would prolly be more of a walk in the park). 😉 Keep up the rate!

  2. Again, what a beautiful running trail. I do believe I would take up jogging if I lived in that area!!! Of course, I’d be too busy taking pics every 1/4 mile or so that I really wouldn’t be doing any serious jogging! LOL I just love those HUGE Spanish Oaks – complete with moss!!! It looks like a great setting for a movie.

    BTW… GREAT times on your miles!!!! Keep up the good work!!!

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