Picture Perfect – and other OCD moments!

The hubs has sporadic OCD moments.  And I go along with them – because at some point in the process he is satisfied – and thus cured.  

The last time it hit was when he had the decorating bug.  You see…I’m a commitment phobe.  (OK, yeah, I’m married…but in terms of home decorating!)  I’m not procrastinating, really, but most of the time just looking for the “perfect” piece.  I sometimes get a vision of what I want in my head, and it’s hard for me to commit until I find it!  Last month, the hubs decided he was tired of staring at blank walls.  Yes…I know it’s been a year since we moved in…but I really wanted to find the “perfect” pictures!  I mean, these were things that we were going to look at every.single.day

First up, picture over the fireplace mantle.  Then, on to the barren space in the entry hallway.  A thing or two for the guest bedroom.  And…if we could agree, something for the master bedroom.  Oh yeah…and find a place to finally hang the gorgeous mirror we received for our wedding (yep…that would have been in…2007.  Insert shame face here.)

So…we hit up every craft, home decorating, and furniture store within 20 miles.  No dice.  Well…I did kinda fall in love with a New Orleans oil painting from Bed, Bath & Beyond.  But, it was HUGE, and I wasn’t sure where to put it exactly.  So we moved on.  We stumbled upon a brand new shopping center close to home…where Kirklands had JUST opened the week before.  Viola.  A whole section of art.  Framed art.  At A-MAZ-ING prices.  And the selection was AWE-SOME.  So, we perused the hundreds of pictures, and I tentatively pulled out one that I liked.  I mean, really liked.  It instantly reminded me of our favorite small town in wine country California, Paso Robles.  Beautiful frame.  Just large enough to fit over the mantle.  And a shockingly low price of $60.  Everything in the store was 1/2 off due to the opening…SCORE.  So I called over the hubs to get his opinion, and he instantly says, “I like it.  Reminds me of Paso.”  BOO-YAH!  I also liked this painting of a Lion…it was huge…and I thought it would look good in our computer room…but wasn’t 100% sold on getting it just yet (even though it was only $30!).  And, we also found a great painting for the dining area.  And so the pictures were bought.

So we get home…and the OCD kicks into overdrive.  We have to take measurements of the entire wall.  Of the length of the picture.  Of the middle of the wall.  Of the middle of the picture.  Divide by 3.  Multiple by 100.  Or something.  And did you know, you can’t just say 24-ish inches.  AAGGHH.  Must. Be. Exact.  And then…we moved on to marking the wall.  Repeat.  And then…we pull out the level.  Repeat.  Insert Nail.  Repeat.  Very meticulous.  And here I thought one just eyeballed where the nail should go…oops! 

Said hubs concentrating.

Said fireplace mantle.

Dining Room Picture. 

The next day, I had to go to work.  And when I came home, I was delightfully surprised!  The hubs had bought my New Orleans picture…and…put it above the fireplace!  And it looked FABULOUS!  The huge picture really captured the space!  So we moved my Cali picture to the entry hallway.  And it fit fabulously!  And then we hung the mirror.  And then we were inspired to finish the spare bedroom.  I wanted a nautical theme in there…with dark browns and oceans blues.  My inspiration was a painting we received as a parting gift from the hub’s previous boss.  It is of the old lighthouse here in town, done by a local artist.

NOLA Picture.  Captures the essence perfectly.

Entry Hallway. 

Spare Bedroom. 

And…as a FINAL surpise…the Lion picture.  But not in the computer room as I was originally thinking…but in the Master Bedroom!  I never even thought about it in there, but the colors were perfect.  The size was perfect.  What a great hubs!  What a creative guy!!

So…there you have it!  Another lil’ peek into my life.  And my decorating attempt!  Next time – accessories!  Because I am not afraid to accessorize!!  And for that…the only OCD I will have to deal with is lining them up just right 🙂

Thank you.  And Goodnight.


4 thoughts on “Picture Perfect – and other OCD moments!

    • Thanks Carrie!! You know…it DID take me a year to decorate it…so I think I qualify for the procrastinator award 🙂 hehe. Thanks for stopping by!!! I caught your wedding blog…it is so cute!! I loved that time!! I think it is a great idea to share your trials and tribulations! Excited for your special day!

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