Painting with “Paw”casso

Viola.  I am a Painter!  Well, almost.  I had heard of Cork N’ Canvas when I first moved here as something I MUST try.  So I looked it up online, and was quite intrigued.  The paint, easels, and canvas is all provided – you just bring yourself, some friends, and wine!  I thought, even if my art is hideous, I will a) be at a place when they support virgin painters, and b) feeling too happy to care! 

So when I received an email from a place I volunteer (local animal shelter) asking us to participate, with our choice of painting cats or dogs, I was so hooked.   OK, if I’m being honest here, it was more like I was thinking about my benevolent dictator, Prince Mario.  I could just imagine my lil’ guy staring up at me and meowing  “Yes – please paint me!”

Paint with a Purpose
In an effort to give back to society, Corks N’ Canvas and Painting with a Twist sponsors a monthly fund-raising class – Paint with a Purpose.  Proceeds from Paint with a Purpose are donated to local non-profit organizations…and this month’s recipient was St. Tammany Humane Society (a no-kill shelter!)

I asked a few pals to join me and assured them that with my painting skills, I would most certainly be the live entertainment!  As soon as I walked into the place I panicked, “I’ve never painted…I can’t even draw a straight line!  And you want me to paint this?!”

But I must admit…the whole process was fool-proof.  An absolute blast!  You walk in, are given your canvas, asked to take an apron, and find your seat.  Each canvas has a generic outline of a cat…and the rest is up to you! 

Canvas, Easel, & Paint provided

Blank Canvas w/Cat outline

There is a local artist up front, guiding you through every stroke. 

Guided strokes fill in the lines...

My gal pals and their outlines...

Painting the background first...

My background!

 Even though I don’t really have any artistic skill, I did, in the end,  have something that resembled art…

My finished Painting! a.k.a. Prince Mario.

My friend Cynthia...who chose her own color palette!

My friend Stacy! Such bold colors!!

My friend Murphy! Fun!! Look at those whiskers!

Overall…such fun!  I never thought I would pick up a paintbrush and have anything that resembled real life!!  You know what they say…It’s a little bit of paint, a little bit of wine, and a whole lot of fun!

And of course…who can forget?  Do you think I got the Prince’s approval?  Oh. Yeah.

Prince Mario...Approves!

I hope you enjoyed your weekend.  And the 83rd Academy Awards!  Good evening!


3 thoughts on “Painting with “Paw”casso

  1. OMG that’s awesome, Jen!!!! 🙂 I’m so jealous. Literally. This is so fun!!!! You should do more paintings and post them! 🙂 I’ll have to do some research and see if I have anywhere up here that I can do someting similar. Don’t get me wrong, I love my digital painting, but there’s something about the feel and smell of actual art supplies. 🙂 Boy, This makes me miss college.

  2. WOW! I think you’ve found a hidden talent!!! LOL Each of the pics are different but they are ALL cute!!!

    AND You can’t beat a night out with friends and lots of laughter!

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