Lean Review – Week 9

Breakfast (via Google Images)

Everyone fasts when they sleep.  So the first meal you eat when you awake breaks your fast…hence the term “breakfast.”

But breaking the fast doesn’t mean eating fast!  Hurried eating can cause heartburn, and even increase your odds of gaining weight.

And skipping it altogether isn’t the answer! You’ve heard since childhood that breakfast is the most important meal of the day…going without slows your metabolism, dulls your mental sharpness, and saps your overall energy.

Ghost Breakfast (via Google Images)

You can jumpstart your day without sacrificing nutrition or time with these tips:

  • Prepare in advance. Wash and cut enough fresh fruit to last a few days. Prefer eggs? Try the hard-boiled route — have them ready in the fridge for rushed mornings. For whole grains on the fly, toast whole grain bread, microwave quick-cooking unsweetened oatmeal, pour a bowl of whole grain cereal, or pre-bake whole grain muffins.
  • Forget staple foods. No rule says the morning must be reserved for breakfast foods. If you prefer last night’s soup vs. cereal, relish in the freedom to eat dinner at 7 AM. Just remember to get a complete meal that includes a whole grain, produce, dairy, and protein serving.
  • Take 5. Wake up just 5 minutes earlier and give yourself a fighting chance to eat sitting down instead of on the run.

Now, I don’t always follow these rules…but I have noticed that I just feel better on the days that I make an attempt to eat a hearty breakfast.  And yes, I did try skipping breakfast for a while hoping to “cut-down” on the calories…nix that!  It just makes you hungrier throughout the day!  Trust me, just putting a lil’ fuel in the tummy can make your body go a long way!

I hope you have enjoyed my breakfast session! Until next week…

Elliptical – Workout #2 – 30 Minutes

Jillian Michaels 6-Week Abs – 15 Minutes (Just not in the mood!)

Cycle – 4.57 Miles – 26:43 Minutes

Run – 3.10 Miles – 28:24 Minutes (Fast Run – Focus on Speed)
Mile 1 (8:47), Mile 2(9:17), Mile 3 (9:23)

Run – 4.04 Miles – 40:01 Minutes (Long Run – Focus on Time)
Mile 1 (9:55), Mile 2 (9:52), Mile 3 (9:56), Mile 4 (9:56)

Day Off

Cycle – 5.01 Miles – 29:19 Minutes
Mile 1 (5:54), Mile 2 (5:40), Mile 3 (5:37), Mile 4 (5:36), Mile 5 (6:27)


One thought on “Lean Review – Week 9

  1. Great blog on the wonders of breakfast! I never thought it would make much of a difference until I started eating it! And congrats on the 5k in 28:24!!! That’s awesome!!! My next goal is to get my miles consistently at 9:30 and then work down from there. 🙂 GREAT JOB!!

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