Wednesday Whatabouts: Rainbows

  • Whatabouts (noun): the matters which one is occupied with

So a couple of nights ago, we were visited by a quick rain spell – or as they call it here in Louisiana – a SQUALL (I don’t know about you, but I giggle every time I hear the word!)  I’ve gotten so accustomed to the 70* weather that I was a bit sad when the cloud cover took over.  But after a quick 20 minutes, I noticed the clouds starting to pull away, so I peeked out the blinds to see if the rain had stopped, and saw a RAINBOW!  It’s the small things that make me smile! 

Scientists claim that rainbows are due to the refraction of light with a drop of water acting as a prism … an easily explained phenomena.  While the rational side of me knows that’s true, my creative spirit balks at the stark explanation.  Rainbows are magical.  Dorothy flew over the rainbow and landed in the world of Oz…and Leprechauns guard the pot of gold at its base… and when a traveler spots a rainbow, they know they will reach their destination safely.  I believe that seeing a rainbow lifts the spirit…it means the storm is passing…the sun will shine again.

I hope these bright images bring a smile to your face as they did to mine…

Rainbow Retro

via Pinterest: My World is a Rainbow

Rainbow Japan (via Pinterest)Rainbow Shoes (via Style Hive)

Rainbow Cupcakes (via Etsy)

Rainbow Tutu (via Etsy)

Rainbow Stairs (via Flickr)

Rainbow Crayons

Rainbow Door (via Pinterest)

Rainbow Rides (via Pinterest)


What is your favorite color of the rainbow?


2 thoughts on “Wednesday Whatabouts: Rainbows

  1. Gorgeous colorful photos! Just what I needed during a gray Ohio winter (You remember those, right?). LOL

    Actually my favorite rainbow story is that the day I graduated high school and decided to go to Muskingum, I saw a double rainbow. And the day I graduated at Muskingum, there was a double rainbow again. The day I decided to quit my job I hated and move home and try to find a job I love… you guessed it. Double rainbow. And I also saw a double rainbow (during the middle of a storm!) on my way to buy my iPad. I usually take those as signs from The Powers That Be that I’m on the right path! 🙂

    I would have to say my favorite color in a rainbow is Red, because it stands out so clearly. Plus, Red balloons are my favorite things. They’re so happy. Who can’t smile if you see a red balloon? 🙂

  2. Very colorful and fun post! 🙂

    I’d have to say my favorite color in the rainbow is green! I love all shades of green and they all coordinate with each other. It also reminds me of the outdoors and summertime. Something we are looking forward to very much up here in the north. 😉

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