Wednesday Whatabouts: Zebra Crossing

  • Whatabouts (noun): the matters which one is occupied with

Beautiful Zebra! via Wikipedia

via Martin W. Gosnick


Today, I am slightly obsessed with Zebras!  Zebras are best known for their unique black and white stripes.  And they are generally social animals.

I found this photo in my blog picture queue…and as today is a dreary gray day, I wanted some good black and white definition!  A good animal print will never go out of style.  It is just as gutsy and dramatic as the ever popular leopard print, but slightly more unexpected!  Plus – it goes with everything! You can see how well it fits into stark modern spaces, as well as in rich and traditional rooms.   And – how awesome are those shoes!

Although it can be fun to decorate a room a little differently, having one room with a jungle or animal print theme might seem out of place…and could clash with the decor look.  Carefully choose accessories or pieces that can match every room with the rest of the house.

via Latest Decorating Interior Design

via Home Decor News

Wearing animal print fashions can really make a bold statement – and if worn the right way, can be classy and elegant.

via Zebra Print Dress

Christian Louboutin Arielle Zebra Print Boots

Have you incorporated animal print into your home decor or your closet?


4 thoughts on “Wednesday Whatabouts: Zebra Crossing

  1. You bet I have!!!! I’m slightly obsessed with leopard print (but tastefully). I have red accents in my family room with a leopard print pillow thrown in on the couch. It’s so soft! I have also gotten ALL leopard print kitty stuff (bed, towel to go on the bed, tunnel, balls, strings, etc are all leopard print). Oh yeah, and I have leopard print gloves and a winter hat to go with my red winter coat. Woah, obsessed much? 😉

  2. Loved this! My college roommate, Sarah, LOVED Zebras and our apartment was half zebras (for her) and half pink elephants (for me). We were quite a jungle! 🙂

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