March Flashbacks – Part II

The Hubs & I

As the hubs would be offshore during my actual birthday, we decided to celebrate the weekend before!  I am a HUGE breakfast fan, so the hubs made me pancakes – smothered in Louisiana Honey! Mmm…to die for! Then we did our normal routine of working out, showering, and running errands.  

Since it was my special day, I then got to pick how I wanted to spend my day. I decided that I wanted my gift to be designer jeans! I have lost 10 lbs…while keeping a consistent workout routine…and decided that I needed a reward 🙂 So we drove down to NOLA to pick them up.

Then I had to decide how I wanted to spend the rest of the evening! So…I picked movie and dinner.  I chose “Red Riding Hood“…strategically based on randomness 🙂 And…it was actually pretty decent! Different. Then…I chose…MELLOW MUSHROOM PIZZA!! It has been 3 months since I had pizza….and… It. Was. Delish!!

Red Riding Hood (via IMDb)


When all my excitement died down and I had to literally unbutton my pants in order to keep sitting…the hubs decided it was gift time!  So I was suprised with…

Present from Hubs & Present from Cat!

So my hubs has a sense of humor, and for every holiday he gets me something “From the Cat” 🙂  And I’m not gonna lie…I absolutely love it!  I get “signed” cards from Mario (including a 7-toed paw print!)…and for my birthday, I even got a present!  Of course, Mario wanted to help me unwrap it!!!

I love this lil' guy!

So…I opened Mario’s first…and saw this! <Insert SQUEAL here!!>  Fenton Art Glass is one of my FAVORITES!

Box from Fenton!

And…this was inside!

A Glass Cat Figurine...from Mario.

So then I opened my gift from the hubs…and saw these!!!

Glass Penguin Figurines!

And another fireplace penguin!

And…another Fenton box!!

March Heart Bear

Aww – a very good birthday indeed!


3 thoughts on “March Flashbacks – Part II

  1. FUN!! My sister and her fiance go to Mellow Mushroom all the time and they love it too…I really need to get to this place!! 🙂 Glad you had a happy bday!!!

    • Oh my gosh…I thought the hubs was crazy when he told me JUST HOW GOOD Mellow Mushroom was…until I tried it. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it 🙂 I mean…I can’t eat TOO much of it…but if you hold out just long enough…*Sigh* Indeed, you must try!

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