March Flashbacks – Part IV

Tops of the Hops Logo

Top of the Hops Beer Festival

March 19, 2011: Top of the Hops

My Saturday was spent tasting craft beers from around the country and the world: USA, Czech Republic, Ireland, England, Canada, Germany, Belgium, Italy, and the Bahamas.  Each person is given a 2-ounce glass and free reign over the “Beer Gardens” – hosting over 150 beers (Gordon Biersch Beer Garden, Covington Brewhouse Beer Garden, Tin Roof Brewing Company Beer Garden, and Saint Arnold Brewing Company Beer Garden).

2-ounce glass for taste testing!

Taste Testing

They included everything from pale ale to amber to stout to cider.

Pear Cider!

A local brewery, Abita Brewing Company, was one of the major sponsors.

Abita Beer logo

My favorite - Abita Amber!

We got to enjoy the beautiful outdoor atmosphere with live music (The Scorseses and Rufus Jagneaux). And there was plenty to look at along the way…

Creative Beer Tree!

Beautiful large trees to escape the sun...

Pretzel Necklace!

Top of the Hops was full of great people watching and beer sampling. My favorite part was no doubt when I caught a friend eating a pretzel off a stranger…where is the camera when you really need it?!

And they practice RESPONSIBLE DRINKING – there was a “Designated Driver” ticket…costing only $15…and available taxi cabs during and after the event! 🙂

Overall…a FABULOUS event and a FABULOUS day!


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