Lean Review: Week 12

My husband has also been on a weight-loss journey over the last few years – and he has successfully lost ~70 lbs (give or take a few!)  People who did not know him before now usually cannot believe the difference when they see an old picture of him (even from our wedding day 3+ years ago!).  They constantly want to know the secret.  The first thing I always tell them – no fast food and no pop.  We also began walking every single day.  We saw changes within the first couple of months!  Remember, change takes time!  So here I am to help motivate you…

Via Google Images (pop cans)

Soda. Pop. Cola.  Coke.  Whatever you call it…you should consider trying to reduce it.  Soft drinks drain your body of essential nutrients.  Most sodas contain phosphoric acid and caffeine, which can deplete your body’s calcium stores and natural fluids. Plus, you’re likely to consume them in place of other liquids (i.e., water, fruit and vegetable juices, or milk) your body needs.

They do their part to add plenty too!  With 150 calories and 40 grams of sugar in your average 12-ounce can, soda can quickly tack on extra pounds and make you vulnerable to other health problems.  Studies link the country’s high soda intake to metabolic syndrome — a condition that increases your risk for obesity, type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.  And the Center for Science in the Public Interest argues they contribute to osteoporosis, dental decay, kidney problems… even cancer.

As Spring has now officially greeted the year, take a stab at these healthier alternatives to reduce the soft drinks in your diet:

  • Water. The top hydration source, it lacks any negative side effects. If you suffer from H2O boredom, squeeze a little lemon or add a hint of honey.
  • Flavored Water.  If you can’t stand drinking water – I’m not going to lecture you!  But can can try drinking the flavored water with 0 calories they have now, it’s just as good (if you don’t mind paying for it).
  • Iced green tea. Known for its antioxidants, green tea provides health benefits and quenches your thirst when it calls for a little flavor enhancement.
  • Fruit spritzers. If you crave that fizzy carbonation, try 100% fruit juice with club soda.

I hope you use this as a jumping off point…but at any rate, if you give it a few weeks, you should be loosing weight and feeling better than when you were drinking pop!

And – I hope this has helped you not reach for that afternoon can of Coke! 

Walk – 2.06 Miles – 30:31 Minutes

Run – 2.03 Miles – 18:13 Minutes (8:53, 9:01)

Days Off – Birthday Shenanigans

Run – 4.09 Miles – 40:04 Minutes (9:26, 9:42, 10:20, 9:53)

800 m Intervals
Walk 800 – 6:51:19
Sprint 800 – 3:52:43
Walk 800 – 6:40:41
Sprint 800 – 3:46:28
Cool Down Jog 800 – 5:25:56

*Sigh*  I have a long way to go!  I used to run the 800 in ~2:32.  BUT…at least now I am trying to integrate some speed workouts into my training.

What is the one item you have cut out of your diet that you believe 100% has helped you on your fitness quest?


8 thoughts on “Lean Review: Week 12

  1. That is so great that he cut out pop and fast food! 🙂 It sickens me to think of how much sugar is in pop.

    I’d have to say giving up Lean Cuisine’s! They were so cheap and easy and diversified… but are loaded with sodium. I feel less bloated, have better digestion, and stay fuller longer. 🙂

    • Thanks for sharing Erin! I took me a while to realize JUST HOW BAD pop was to our health. Like I was telling someone else…I could easily drink a 2-liter of Mt. Dew a day…and never thought twice about it! Now it’s just crazy to think I did that!!

  2. Woohoo!! Great blog and another great Lean update! 🙂 Hooray! (And also kudos to the hubs!!! Well done for him as well.)

    I totally agree!! Water water everywhere, and walking works wonders!! 🙂 Lots of W’s to make it easy to remember. 🙂

    And my one item that I cut out… Well, I haven’t TOTALLY cut it out, but I have severly limited it — Alcohol. *sigh* Being depressed and loving to eat in a depression is one thing… but boy, add that alcohol and the scale goes sky high SUPER fast!!! I used to drink a bottle of wine a night. I now drink one glass every week or so. It’s done wonders for my waistline.

    The best thing that I offer is a piece of advice from *Friends*, the TV show:
    “Hey Mon? Go easy on those cookies. Remember, they’re just food, not love.”

    HOW. TRUE.

  3. Great points! Soda is horrible for you and I have struggled for years to completely kick the habit. In the NYC subways, there are ads with people pouring soda into a glass, but instead of liquid, human fat is coming out of the can :-0 Definitely serves as a motivator!! I still have my occasional ginger ale, but the 100% fruit juice + club soda has worked wonders 🙂

    Keep up the good work!

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