5K: Fun on the TcheFUNcte!

Tee Logo!

Today I ran my first 5K race since freshman year of college! 

I started off my day at a whopping 6:00 am.  The race was in the next town over…but luckily only about a 20 minute drive.  Check-in was at 7:00 am.  Left myself plenty of time to wake-up – and chow down a breakfast bar and drink a bottle of water on the way.

Beautiful sunrise!

So imagine my surprise when I get there and they don’t have my registration!  I suppose it got lost in the mail (I never thought to check up on it!) – so…no biggie…just had to fill out the paperwork again.  Then I got my number (112), and then waited around an hour for the start of the race.  I did a 1/2 mile walk…then some active stretches…and then toed the line! 

Ready for a 5K!

Since this race was a fundraiser for the local Junior High School, there were tons of kids participating!  Luckily, the announcer gave us “sections” – 22 minutes & under lined up first…then 28 & under lined up second…then the rest of the participants!

The race was pretty fast – mostly a flat course.  It was a 1.5 mile stretch along the Tchefuncte River on an old 2-lane road…then the 1.5 mile stretch back. 

My fastest “practice” run was 27:42, so I was secretly hoping to beat that!  I practiced a few 9-minute 2-milers…so I was hoping to keep that pace throughout the race.  I actually ran the first 1/2 mile at an 8:32 pace…a bit fast…but ended up crossing Mile 1 at 8:40.  Since I was feeling decent, I tried to keep roughly that same pace.  Miles 2 & 3 were both at 9:03!  So…total time of 27:17 – good enough for 10th overall female.

Me (red-faced) after my 5K!

And the coolest part, they had a really nice set-up for the runners after the race, including a water station & snacks table.  Snacks included: Bananas, Muffins, Nature’s Valley Bars, and Oranges!  Very cool indeed!

Snacks table!

Overall – very happy that I decided to race today! 

Next Race: 5K – Covington Junior League Spring Stomp (04.16.2011)


2 thoughts on “5K: Fun on the TcheFUNcte!

  1. good job!
    i ran my 1st 5K since senior year in high school not long ago, and also was 10th among women, only with a worse result.

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