Consumer Packaging Rut

What you see is what you get!  …or is it?

So I grabbed a bag of my 100-calorie popcorn the other night – tossed it in the microwave, dutifully waited until 3-seconds in between pops before I stopped it, ripped open the bag – then gagged.  I could hear the hubs hiding in the pantry choking back hysterical laughter.  I tried to burn a hole through the wall with my piercing squinty eyes…but to no avail.  So even though he was only 5 feet away, I promptly yelled for him to explain what the heck I was eating!  He tiptoed out like a lil’ fairy with…a box of KETTLE CORN.

Huh?  How did that I happen?  Let me show you what I call – the Consumer Packaging Rut – a.k.a. you’ve bought the item so many times you don’t even really look at it as you throw it into your buggy…you already KNOW what it looks like.  See example 1: 

100 calorie popcorn vs. Kettlecorn

And don’t worry – I wasn’t the only one with my face contorted into a sour expression.  I shared the love.  Accidentally of course.  We drink fat-free milk.  Most of the time, we do all our grocery shopping at the local Winn Dixie, where Fat-free milk has a BLUE cap.  Occasionally, I need to pick-up a few items at Wal-Mart on the way home, and one day the hubs asked me to pick-up a gallon of milk.  So…on consumer auto-pilot, I grabbed the BLUE cap and went on my merry way.  The next day at work, the hubs calls me to tell ask why in the world I picked-up Vitamin D milk…it tasted AWFUL!!  OOPS…looks like at Wal-Mart the Fat-Free milk is in a PINK cap.  See example 2:

Fat-free milk - 2 different cap colors!

And don’t think I would leave out Prince Mario – I believe in full equality for pet ruts too.  I buy the scoopable Fresh Step kitty litter (it’s amazing, actually!)  I recently bought some new pet-friendly containers (food container, food mat, litter container, etc).  So when the lil’ guy needed some new kitty litter, I set about buying the big BAG instead of the BOX I normally buy just so I could fill-up my new container.  I dutifully dumped out all the old litter, cleaned the litter box, and proceeded to rip open my new bag and fill my new container.  Uh – looks like the BAG is full of kitty CLAY.  Not scoopable…just…not the same!   Now see, the makers of the product TRIED to help me out by setting out different packaging (box = litter, bag = clay)…but this consumer was in a rut and didn’t even read the label!  See Example 3:

Box = Kitty Litter; Bag = Kitty Clay

Can I be the only one in the universe that this happens to?  Now I act like the 80-year old woman who picks up every single item to read it before placing it in her buggy.  Hey now – don’t judge!


One thought on “Consumer Packaging Rut

  1. This post cracked me up! I do the same thing! And I definitely understand about the clay kitty litter… it’s so not the same! 😉 One time I was supposed to buy a container of orange juice and I ended up coming home with 3 bottles of wine instead. So silly of me. 😉

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