Its’a Mia…Mario!

First night with us!

We adopted Mario in April of 2007. We actually went to the local SPCA to look for a small dog (as we lived in a small apartment at the time!). We even took one dog out into the yard to play…and decided that we just didn’t have the heart to keep a dog cooped up in the apartment all day – and – we both really want a larger dog. So, on the way out, we happened to walk by the cat cages. Now, I actually have had many cats growing up…but the hubs wasn’t exactly a cat fan. So, imagine my surprise when right as the hubs walked by, this cute lil’ orange tabby stuck his paw out like a High-Five! The hubs laughed…and of course I just had to stop! This cat was literally trying to “hug” his way out of the cage and into our arms. As soon as the attendant opened the door, the lil’ guy head butted me! When the hubs pet him he began to purr and it was love at first sight!!! We named him Mario because at the time we were obsessed with Mario brothers on the Wii. 🙂 We found out that Mario was 9 months old – AND – a polydactyl. Yes, he has 7 toes on his front paws!! Mario is now almost 5 years old and he is a big part of the family. We even nicknamed him “Prince Mario” because, well, frankly he acts like he rules the house.

Prince Mario!


Do you have a pet…and do they rule the house?


One thought on “Its’a Mia…Mario!

  1. Awww I cannot wait to meet Mario! I got my kitty in ’07 also…. I absolutely adore cats. So low key and low maintenance. My cat definitely rules the house. She is allowed anywhere she wants and even gets a heater for her bed in the cold winter months. Our bed isn’t even that warm!

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