Pop. Pop. Pop.

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Ok – by now, ya’ll know that I adore popcorn.  And eat it all too regularly.

But when I talk about popcorn, I don’t mean just any popcorn. Sure, I’ll pop a microwavable bag if there is no other choice, but I’m picky about my kernels (I love the half-popped ones!), and definitely moving away from movie theater popcorn.  Nope, my new obsession is – Popcorn Bistro!  We first discovered this lil’ place when the MIL (mother-in-law) came to visit us a few months back.  We randomly stopped into the lil’ store…and it was love at first sight!

Rows & Rows of Popcorn!

Nom. Nom. Nom. 

I have fond memories of movie nights growing up, my dad and I each having our own bag of popcorn, and swapping our favorite kernels (and stealing mom’s best kernels).  Nights where my brother and I would gather round the ancient popcorn popping machine and squeal with delight after the first few unexpected pops!  Understanding this, you’ll comprehend my wild excitement upon entering this store!

So you walk in, drool for 5 minutes over all the yummy flavors, and then step up to the counter to can pick your poison passion!

Popcorn Bistro Flavor Categories

If you are STILL undecided, they give you samples.  I seriously wanted to try each tub of popcorn, but the hubs started to get embarrassed after 5 samples, and made me pick one!  “JUST ONE?” I asked giving him my best attempt at Bambi eyes.  After promptly rolling his eyes he says, “Ok…you can pick two!”  SCORE!

Popcorn Bistro sizes

Our first two (Junior-sized) bags were: Bananas Foster and Butterfinger.  The MIL chose Parmesan & Garlic. 


The hubs remembered my extreme childlike giddy excitement, and for my birthday, made a surprise stop at Popcorn Bistro!  This time I chose Peanut Butter and Snickers.  Already I can’t wait to go back!!  To celebrate Southern life, they have the following mixes: Who Dat, Hot Boiled Crawfish, and Pralines & Cream.  I must try at least one of those!

What new food have you discovered that reminds you of your youth?


2 thoughts on “Pop. Pop. Pop.

  1. Oh my gosh, I love popcorn! I ate a bag yesterday afternoon and had a kernel stuck in my throat for a couple hours. 🙂 The things you do for love. 😉

    English muffin pizzas!!! We eat them often, mainly because they are cheap and healthier than the alternative. Now I think I know why parents give their kids these instead! But it’s fun creating different types with your favorite toppings. 🙂

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