Lean Review: Week 14

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I ran across an article last month that suggested the one-hour lunch is a thing of the past; it stated that more than half of Americans take 30 minutes or less for lunch. And…I am…Guilty…as charged. I usually take a quick 30 minutes, at my desk, alone. If you are in the same boat as me and interested in breaking that habit, read the tips below suggested by Calorie Count.  Just as it takes time to do anything successfully, when trying to eat healthy food in reasonable portions, you have to make the time!

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Walk Away from Your Desk
You may be wondering, “Just how many of us sit and eat at our desk?” According to recent surveys, twenty percent of workers who take a lunch break eat at their desks. Based on the research, this is considered a big no-no because it is suggested that eating at your desk can make you hungrier later in the day! Researchers found that those who ate lunch while sitting at a computer screen ate twice as many snacks later on than those who didn’t.

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Enjoy a ‘Siesta’
While Spain’s three-hour break may be out of the question, taking a break from work and technology to focus on eating will prevent you from over-eating. Referred to as intuitive eating or eating mindfully, this method asks you to focus entirely on your meal and the eating process as opposed to enjoying other stimulation. The result is experiencing your food: how it tastes and feels in your body. Like taking a nap, intuitive eating helps rejuvenate your mind and body by experiencing the joys of food.

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Is Your Brain Full?
Research suggests that it takes the brain anywhere from 10 to 45 minutes to send satisfaction signals. In this age of drive-thru windows and eating in the car and scarfing down your meal at your desk, an entire meal may be down the hatch only for you to feel overly stuffed ten minutes later. To avoid this, chew your food. Yes your mother told you to do so, but now your mouth has to listen. By chewing your food longer, you allow your body to get full on less.

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Don’t Eat Alone
Many people eat slower and less when they eat with a companion. A girls’ lunch may lead to more talking than eating, resulting in food left on the plate, so select your dining companions carefully! Choose those that don’t speed eat because the fast eater will set the pace for the table. Likewise, avoid junk-eaters because they make sharing an entrée impossible. Manipulate the ambiance, including the people, and you will lower your stress levels as well as the amount you eat.


Walk – 0.92 Miles – 15:35 Minutes

Walk – 1.64 Miles – 24:20 Minutes
Elliptical – Workout #1 – 15:00

Walk – 2.07 Miles – 31:03 Minutes
Elliptical – Workout #1 – 30:00 Minutes

Walk – 1.96 Miles – 30:45 Minutes
Elliptical – Workout #1 – 15:00 Minutes
Walk – 1.16 Miles – 18:47 Minutes

Walk – 2.05 Miles – 30:59 Minutes
Elliptical – Workout #1 – 30:00 Minutes
Walk – 1.89 Miles – 29:31 Minutes

Walk – 2.05 Miles – 31:07 Minutes
Elliptical – Workout #1 – 30:00 Minutes
Walk – 1.34 Miles – 21:31 Minutes

Walk – 2.06 Miles – 31:29 Minutes
Elliptical – Workout #1 – 30:00 Minutes

What is your lunch routine?  Do you eat at your desk? Do you eat slow, medium, or fast?


3 thoughts on “Lean Review: Week 14

  1. I almost always use my lunch break to work out so I do indeed eat at my desk! It’s a habit I don’t love… but I love being able to get my workout in during lunch so it’s a compromise!

  2. I love your new background!! 🙂

    Luckily it takes me 5-10 minutes to get to work, so I usually just go home and watch HGTV while I eat my lunch. I try to eat slowly, but sometimes I find if my day is rush, then I eat rushed. But typically I eat slowly for meals.

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