Wednesday Whatabouts: Suitcases

  • Whatabouts (noun): the matters which one is occupied with


Today, I am slightly obsessed with suitcases!  How cute are those two lil’ pink suitcases above?!

I found that photo in my blog picture queue…and as today is a bright, spring day, I started daydreaming about traveling and upcoming vacations and how I really need a fun traveling companion! (In addition to the hubs, of course!)  A good suitcase can help in many difficult situations: describing lost luggage, claiming your baggage, getting noticed in a hotel lobby.  Plus – I think what’s on the outside helps showcase how you feel on the inside!!

Floral Suitcase (via Apartment Therapy)

Bright Suitcases (via Curbly)

Union Jack Suitcase (via Ruby PR)

Leopard Suitcase (via Leopard Luggage)

Linen Suitcase (via qwstion luggage)

Cano Suitcase (via Google Images)

Whatever your preference…it sure is fun to imagine all the fun you & your new travel companion will have!

(via Google Images)

 What is your suitcase preference?  Plain?  Unique?  Hard Shell?  Carry-on?


5 thoughts on “Wednesday Whatabouts: Suitcases

  1. Love this! I just got new luggage that’s bright blue! I thought it was being unique and easy to find, well when we went to Arizona for Christmas, I picked up what I thought was MY luggage, stood there for awhile, then decided I better check, and realized it wasn’t mine! I was thisclose to leaving with someone else’s clothes (and them most likely with mine!). So much for thinking it was unique! If I’d do it again, I would have totally gotten the leopard print or pink ones! 🙂

  2. Another great post. Thanks for sharing this. Spending time traveling with my family is something that truly makes me happy in life. I enjoy reading your blog very much.

  3. Love the Linen look ones. I have used all sorts of suitcases over the years.. I like the hard shell ones if travelling on long journeys but when just flying to someplace in Europe I go for the soft lightweight ones but on rollers.. There is a 15 kg restriction on cases to Europe so the lighter ones give you that extra bit of extra clothing to bring.:) Mind you we always pack way to many clothes and then find it hard to bring back any

  4. Oh and if you have a suitcase that is fairly common It’s a good idea to tie a bright ribbon on the handle or put a bright sticker on the sides to help you identfy it easily :)or fasten a luggage belt in a jazzy colour or patern..:)

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