Goodbye March – 3rd Time’s the Charm!

March (via Etsy)

I am a few days late (don’t know how that happened!) with my monthly goodbye.  So today we are saying goodbye to March – month 3 of 2011. Numero Tres. Triples. As March leaves us, I realized that three is a powerful number. You find it all the time: the past & the present & the future; a three-act play; “Ready, Set, Go!”; the Holy Trinity, Faith & Hope & Charity, the heart & the brain & the body, etc.  Enjoy my ode to March and to the number 3!

3 (via Flickr: Nikko Myers)

3 Doors (via Flickr: annpar)

Tricycle (via Flickr: jasonsantos79)

Bust of Julius Caesar - The Ides of March (via wikipedia)

3 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed (via Educating Katie)

3 Sevens (via Go Broke Poker)

3 horses (via Flickr: zyrcster)

3 Balloons (via Flickr: zyrcster)

The phrase is most likely just a folk belief that, having had setbacks, we ought to persevere and not give up.

via Google Images


What was your favorite memory of March 2011?


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