It’s That Simple.

~ The American Dream in 2011 is finding the sublime in everyday. Like taking a stroll at dusk through your neighborhood or sipping wine with friends on Friday night. It’s that simple. ~ (Glamour magazine)

I think it’s oddly more acceptable to complain about the trivial things that bother you than it is to take note of special little moments throughout the day. I don’t even know what to call these “simple moments” as there’s no antonym of “pet peeve” in the dictionary (uh-huh, I checked). Until there’s a word that describes those simple things that make you smile, I’ve compiled a list of a few of my favs:

1. When my favorite song is playing on the radio as soon as I start the car.
2. When I find money in my pockets that I had forgotten about.
3. When drivers thank me for letting them pass or turn in front of me.
4. When I untangle a stubbornly knotted necklace.
5. When I receive a random text from an old friend just saying “Hi” or “Thinking of you.”
6. When I climb under covers that have been freshly washed.
7. When the lights first dim at the beginning of a movie.
8. When you catch someone being simply romantic without realizing (hand on the leg, playing with the hair, a lingering smile…)
9. When your pet lays down near you and barely touches you with their paw…
10. When everyone stands at once, silent, for “The Star Spangled Banner!”

~ Life is made of millions of moments, but we live only one of these moments at a time. As we begin to change this moment, we begin to change our lives. ~ (Trinidad Hunt)

What are the little things that make you happy?


3 thoughts on “It’s That Simple.

  1. Fun post.
    1. I like getting together with old friends and picking up right where you left off.
    2. I like the first sip of my morning coffee on saturday morning.
    3. Genuinely thanking someone for holding the door and then returning the favor to the next person.
    4. Coming home from a long day of work and my dog coming right over to my side to greet me.

  2. Adore this post!!!!!!!! 🙂

    Some of the things that make me happy:
    ~ When Pewpy puts the extra blanket on me before he goes to work at 4:00AM
    ~ When my cat “hops” to the door when I get home and smothers me in kisses like she is a dog
    ~ The sound of a wine bottle guzzling it’s contents into a glass for me to consume
    ~ getting mail that isn’t bills or ads
    ~ and, brushing my teeth and washing my face at the end of a long day

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