Sunset Believer!

The sweet southern temperatures during this time of year are just begging me to sit outside and watch the sunsets!   Do you ever watch the sunset and just sit and think about things…?  There is something about catching a glimpse of the sun glow melting into the night that makes me want to share a few of my favorite spring nights with you.  I hope you enjoy!

Every night the horizon lights up…swirls of pink and orange – fading to blue and purple.

…or the burning gold freshly painted across the sky…

…with the last of the day’s energy being reflected on the surface…

…or sometimes caught up in the laced tree silhouettes…

When was the last time you took the time to enjoy a sunset?


2 thoughts on “Sunset Believer!

  1. Beautiful pictures!! 🙂 Did you take all of those yourself? The last time I watched the sunset was with you!!!! 🙂 We did sit, but instead of *thinking* about things, we *talked* about things instead. 🙂

    Sunsets are so beautiful!

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