…Unclog my Blog…


Hello friends!  With all this talk about “spring cleaning” and “de-cluttering your mind,” one would think I was a bit more organized myself.  I am not sure how others out there organize their blogs, but my mind is constantly running, constantly picking out things that I want to blog about. I usually start a Draft Post until I am ready to expand on that topic and pass on to you.  So when I was going through my drafts tonight, I felt a lil’ overwhelmed!  I have over 30 posts just sitting in my dashboard begging to be brought to life!!  For example, one of my 2011 goals was to read a book a month & share my review with you.  Well, I’m sitting over here hacking away at my TBR (to-be-read) list…but not doing so hot on sharing my reviews.  Hence the fact that I have my January, February, and March Book Reviews sitting in my Draft Posts.

As you will read on my “Travel” tab above, I absolutely love exploring new places – learning the history and mystery behind every location. I want to do and see it all!  I have actually started a “Travel Wish-List” folder where I rip out colorful magazine ads or scribble down the names of vacation hot-spots that I want to eventually see in my lifetime.  Indeed…I have been bitten by the travel bug!  I stated that I would share with you the places I have been – with pictures and itineraries of some of my favorite hot spots – and I have yet to do that!  I even went so far as to have the locations listed out on my Travel page…

Therefore, this weekend is dedicated to UNCLOGGING MY BLOG.  I will be posting several of my drafts throughout the weekend.  Also – as to not spam you with my random thoughts and words – I will be publishing my travel posts over the next few weekends.   I have also stated that I would like to expand upon the training I received for “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”…and needless to say…a few of those habits are just sitting around waiting to be picked up by you!!!  Therefore, my final unclogging effort will be to dedicate one post a week over the next 2 months to sharing my seminar knowledge with you!

I thank you, my readers, for your suggestions, and your patience.  You have been wonderful and loyal, and of course, your comments inspire me to keep on blogging! 

Thank you…and Goodnight! 


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