Lean Review: Week 17

One of the most common challenges that I hear about is how hard it is to Just. Get. Started!

Why is it so difficult to just get started on something we truly want to do?

I asked myself this question and posed it to my friends… the answer that came up in a variety of ways over and over again was basically FEAR.

• Fear that we don’t really believe we can do it.
• Fear of moving outside our comfort zones.
• Fear of sucking at it.
• Fear of completely failing.

So now that you’ve discovered fear, you have taken that first step!  Umm…So now what?

My message to you today is JUST DO SOMETHING! Anything! Even if it doesn’t feel like it’s enough…even if it feels like you could have done more!  When you make the choice everyday to do something – rather than nothing – SOMETHING will begin to happen! It’s called MOMENTUM! And it’s often followed by a cool sense of ACCOMPLISHMENT that you would have totally missed out on if you had continued to give in to sitting around and complaining that you just didn’t “feel motivated.” (Been there, done that!)

I look at it this way… when you invite friends over to your home, you have to open the door and let them in to enjoy their company, right? Well, the same goes for Motivation and Momentum… They don’t just “show up” inside you unless you let them in! And the way you do this is by moving! Moving your body and taking action in the direction of your goal!  

Here are some simple ideas to help get you moving today and create some momentum:

• Walk your dog a block further than usual today!
• Hop on your bike that’s been holding up your garage walls for months and go for a spin around your neighborhood!
• Load your kids up into the stroller and go for a little adventure through your local park!
• Set your alarm at your desk to go off every hour so that you can get up, walk around, and drink a glass of water!
• You know that treadmill you have sitting in that spare bedroom? How about turning the thing on for just 10 minutes tonight after dinner and taking a little stroll to your favorite TV show! 

Being ready to change and take on a challenge like weight loss or a fitness routine is a CHOICE! Just like choosing to brush our teeth and shower every morning… we don’t always “feel” like it, but we know we’ll be better off once we do it! 

So I leave you with one of my favorite motivational quotes: 

(via: Google Images)


Yogilates – 45 Minutes

Yogilates – 45 Minutes

Day Off

Day Off (Helped a friend move)

Run – 5.30 Miles – 52:11 Minutes
Mile 1 – 9:21
Mile 2 – 9:23
Mile 3 – 10:04
Mile 4 – 10:06
Mile 5 – 10:19
(9:50 Average Mile)

Day Off

Run – 1.50 Miles – 13:14 Minutes
Fast 1 Mile – 8:24 Pace, Then Jog 1/2 Mile @ 9:38 Pace

What motivates you?


2 thoughts on “Lean Review: Week 17

  1. Love this post!!! 🙂 I’m definitely un-motivated to workout these days. I’m trying to get into a habit of doing 10-20 minutes of a low impact workout first thing in the mornings. Once I make it a habit, what motivates me is how good I feel after my workout. Endorphins are at a high and I have so much more energy. *Ding ding* I will keep telling myself these things when I hit snooze 10 times each morning. 😉

    I want to live by you and go for evening walks together!!!

  2. FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real

    It is a tremendous act of violence to begin anything. I am not able to begin. I simply skip what should be the beginning. -Rainer M. Rilk

    Just some food for thought! I am working to be more consistent in starting and continuing the things that I am excited about doing. I love a good book or honestly working with other motivating people. My goal in life is to become one of those people for others so that I can help them to reach their full potential – loved your post 🙂

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