Lean Review: Week 18

I am starting to increase my monthly mileage – and apparently I am talking about it more and more to my coworkers – because they now refer to me as the runner girl!  I am often asked for some friendly running tips (even though I am NO expert!) and I am happy to share what has worked for me.  I was recently asked what a runner eats before a run…

Some people prefer to run very early in the morning, mostly on an empty stomach.  But seeing as how I am NOT a morning person, I run after work in the evenings.   Even on the weekends, I try to run a few hours after I have been up and moving.  This all means that I definitely need some sustenance to keep me going. 

My personal preference is bars (healthy carbs with a little protein) such as Clif bars, Nutri-Grain bars, etc I tried bananas for a while (lots of potassium)…but realized that I tend to burp them up the entire run.  Eww – def. not as good the second time around.  A lot of distance runners choose gels; they taste a little weird, but they’re easy to get down quickly and are easy on the stomach.  And from reading other running blogs, it seems a lot of people have peanut butter on toast or an english muffin, which is a good balance of carbs, fat, and protein.  My number one rule of thumb is give myself at least an hour or so before I run.  Others suggest longer because it typically takes an average of 2 hours to digest a meal. 

Also – a tradition leading back to my high school cross-country days – I always eat a pasta meal the night before a race!

My best advice is to try different things out to see what your body digests well and what foods works for you.  Then stick to that during a training run and before a race.  You don’t want to be eating something foreign right before a race (spicy TexMex breakfast tacos anyone?) and then spend all your race time in the porta-potties.  They’re not that awesome, trust me.


Walk – 2.06 Miles – 33:07 Minutes

Walk – 2.04 Miles – 31:21 Minutes
Elliptical – Workout #1 – 15:00 Minutes

Walk – 2.04 Miles – 30:51 Minutes
Elliptical – Workout #1 – 30:00 Minutes

Walk – 2.04 Miles – 32:26 Minutes

Walk – 2.08 Miles – 31:52 Minutes
Elliptical – Workout #1 – 30:00 Minutes
Walk – 1.83 Miles – 28:36 Minutes

Walk – 2.08 Miles – 23:16 Minutes
Run – 2.35 Miles – 21:50 Minutes

Walk – 1.86 Miles – 29:05 Minutes

What do you eat before/during a run?


5 thoughts on “Lean Review: Week 18

  1. If I run right after rolling out of bed I go the empty stomach route. If I have an AM race I go with PB toast or bagel and gatorade. I get most of my runs in during the week at lunch time so I usually have a mid morning snack about an hour before I run and then have lunch after.

  2. Aw runner girl! Lol, love that little pic too. I’ve been talking about running a bit at work lately.. I wonder if I’m runner girl yet..

  3. I’m totally an empty stomach runner. But when I go for my long runs I eat the Cliff Gel Blocks during my run. It’s a more solid form of the gel. OR…I eat applesauce that comes in squeezy pouches. It’s made for kids lunches. Works wonders! They also have babyfood that comes in pouches. But I have yet to try that!

  4. By the way – I also blab to my coworkers about my runs. That’s how I got through my marathon. I told everyone I knew that I signed up for one that way there was no turning back. The more people I told, the more I felt obligated to finish.

    Luckily, I work with a bunch of athletes so nobody thought anything of it.

  5. when i run in the morning, i don’t eat anything at all.

    i wonder how i’ve made it so far without reading up advice on what to eat before and after. hmm i’m very curious about that “after” part, now that i’m thinking about it…

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