…And…I’m Back!

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Hello fellow readers and bloggers!  It seems like I have been away far too long – I have missed the rhythmic pounding on my keyboard.  However, I am so grateful for all of you who faithfully checked in during my absence to see if I was, indeed, still alive.  I wish I would have made the time to go online and write during my lull – but our latest vacation literally took all my energy from me!

Let’s begin with my vacation – a trip back home to visit with family.  I got to see my parents, my brother, my in-laws, my aunt, my cousin, and my grandparents!  I got to play with my niece & nephews…eat grilled food…walk around the park with my mother and aunt…and catch-up with little brother.

My one constant, amidst my crazy schedule of traveling, was – oh wait…I didn’t do anything normal!

  • I ate handfuls of my favorite BBQ chips every night!
  • No workouts.
  • I played hide ‘n seek multiple times with 3 children under the age of 10.
  • No runs.
  • I ate potatoes almost every night with dinner!
  • No internet.
  • I swung on the swings at the City Park playground.
  • No reading.
  • I ate a Lebanese lunch with my mother the day before I left.

Now, it is time to step back, enjoy the memories…breathe, relax, smile…and then snap back to reality!

I was actually quite surprised when I stepped on the scale today!  I have reached my initial goal weight…and realized that I am actually quite happy where I am right now.  So instead of focusing on another weight loss goal, I am going to step-up my game in the fitness realm.

I would like to get in a few more races, increase my mileage, and tone up my arms and core.   And yes, folks, I am even contemplating a 1/2 marathon in the fall.  No commitments just yet…but I have allowed the seed to be planted.  I like how my friend Kimi (A Slice of Kiwi) does a monthly meal plan – so I might give that a stab!  I would also like to work on a few running plans in order to increase my mileage…safely…and without injury.  More details to come soon!


4 thoughts on “…And…I’m Back!

  1. I missed your blogs but loved seeing you in person! And I ate your leftover potato chips!

  2. Yay!! 🙂 Welcome back!! Glad you had a great time visiting with the fam. I think that’s an awesome “goal” to step up the fitness game. Oh my gosh, and BBQ chips sound so yummy right now!

  3. I’m so glad to see you back!!! I’ve missed you! And CONGRATS on meeting your goal weight and stepping up your fitness game! That’s awesome!! I too have reached that initial “I want to be x# of lbs” and am pretty content to maintain for a while before I focus on the Next Big Thing. : )

    Keep it up! You’re amazing and inspiring, and I love ya. 😉 Proud to call you a fellow Muskie, too, my dear!!!

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