My Running Story

I first discovered track in the 5th grade…and being the competitive person I am…it fit me to a T!  I continued track and field through the years, continually pushing myself to go harder and faster.  And then I discovered cross-country…and was hooked for life.  3.1 miles.  Trails.  An individual effort that also strengthens the pack.  My senior year of high school, our girls cross-country team WON state!  My senior year of track, however, left me with an injured IT band, where I went through months and months of therapy, cortisone shots, doctors appointments, you name it.  I continued to run through it…also participating in and winning sections of the State Track meet. 

I took most of the summer off, and by the time my freshman year of college hit, running was not really on my radar anymore.  I attempted being an active member of the team, but my injury had set me way back. I tried too hard to come back too fast, and re-injured my knee.  I believe I only ran one race that fall.  By then, I was too embarrassed of myself to go back to the team… 

During my collegiate years, running and I flirted around…but we never made a commitment.  And after college, my running was even more sporadic.  I would set myself up a program and be fully committed for a few weeks at a time, then life would hit and I would back off.  Go figure.  I’ve been running competitively since 11 years old, over half of my life – impressive – and yet, over the last few years, I would ebb and flow out of love with running.  I would give up too easily.  I was frustrated that I was becoming slower (when in reality, I was training poorly, if at all) and was ready to quit running all together.

In August of 2010, I finally decided I desperately needed to get back into shape.  Enough was enough – I was going to become an “adult runner.”  Meaning that I wanted to fall back in-love with running…and have fun with it…and run just to run!   Run just to feel the breeze on my face – the heat of the sun at my back – to pass fellow runners with that all-knowing smile – to give me some much-needed head space to think!

And I had to wrestle with myself over the fact that I have not been a part of “organized running” for almost 9 years.  This time around, I will not be on a team…I will not have a coach…I will not be able to sleep on the bus rides across the state for my next race!  I will have to do this myself – mentally and physically.  Although I have many supporters, this quest is ultimately something I have to do. 

And I’m doing it!  And I’m loving it!  And I can’t wait to share my continued progress with you!

Monthly Mileage:
5.51 Miles Running
7.5 Hours Elliptical
39.65 Miles Walking
25.5 Miles Cycling

16.67 Miles Running
5 Hours Elliptical
18.84 Miles Walking
30.3 Miles Cycling

12.86 Miles Running
5 Hours Elliptical
41.14 Miles Walking
19.8 Miles Cycling

18.91 Miles Running
4 Hours Elliptical
37.55 Miles Walking


2 thoughts on “My Running Story

  1. That is so cool that you’ve been into running for so long.. even if you kinda were off and on!

  2. That’s so great you’re approaching running differently in your “adult” life. 🙂 It’s so funny how our motivations and goals change throughout the years. You definitely have running in your blood… good luck on this new running adventure. You will be successful at it, I have no doubts.

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