Confessions of a Monday

  1. Today is the 5th work day in a row that I have not hit the snooze button (see Goals)!  The key – moving the alarm to the farthest end of my nightstand – where I have to physically roll over and stretch or get up to turn it off!  But hey – I’ll take whatever I can!  Besides – with a sunrise that greets my work day like this…it kinda makes it worth it!

  2. I’ve been fighting a NASTY cold ever since I went home for vacation.  poutyface here!>  Therefore…I have not properly worked out for – oh – the last two weeks!  Runny nose + hacking cough + 80* muggy, southern weather DOES NOT = good runs!

  3. The Gulf Coast Half Marathon has seriously been plaguing my thoughts…and with a course description like the one below…who could blame me?!  Not to mention, it is practically in my backyard!  It is not until October – so I could easily come up with a 12 or 16 or 20 week training program.  I have been itching to challenge myself to a half-marathon…do you think this could be the one?
    Imagine running 13.1 miles under mammoth moss-covered oaks, past historic homes and along Lakeshore Drive as the sun sparkles across the water.
  4. I am planning a trip to NYC for our 4-year anniversary!  It will be a quick trip, leaving NOLA on Thursday morning and leaving NYC on Sunday afternoon.  At first, I wanted to surprise the hubs…but with him coming home from a 2-week hitch offshore on a Tuesday, I wanted to make sure he would be up to traveling that Thursday.  And he totally LOVED the idea!!!  I am OPEN, OPEN, OPEN to suggestions on what part of the city to stay in and what hotels to stay at!!! 
  5. Prince Mario has a nightly visitor.  A lil’ gray tabby who likes to sit outside our windows and taunt him.  This has been going on for a few weeks.  We have noticed no collar – no tags – and I am wondering if it’s time our lil’ guy has a new brother or sister? 
  6. I am a victim of Credit Card Fraud.  Yep…it finally happened to me.  The hubs and I went out for a date day on Saturday (Movies & Dinner) and my credit card was declined at the theater.  I thought, “Huh…maybe just a fluke.”  Then I went to pay for our dinner…and again, the card was declined.  Now I was starting to sweat!  I’m very financially responsible – and was a bit confused – but decided to just call the company when I got home.  I then received an email stating that my account was on hold due to “suspicious activity.”  I called.  And sure enough…someone in Michigan had made a “replica card, complete with security strip” and attempted to pay for $49.62 in groceries.  Now…I know I’m not supposed to feel bad for the idiot who frauded my card…but groceries?  Uugghh.  New account…new card…coming up!
  7. Nerd Alert!  I’ve already read 12 books this year (my former 2011 goal!)  According to my current trend, I think I can handle a goal of 3 a month.  New 2011 Book Goal:  36 Books.  (Currently reading She’s Come Undone by Wally Lamb.)
  8. Sadly, I have not volunteered at the St. Tammany Humane Society yet this year <Insert sad, ashamed face here!>  However, I did receive notice in the mail, from my company, of their $500 dollar grant donated in my name for my hours volunteered last year!  I also received a “Thank You” note from the director.  Both letters made me very happy!
  9. Monday’s always remind me of “Margarita Monday’s” from the good ol’ college days!!!  “I live for the nights I can’t remember with the friends I’ll never forget!”

I hope you enjoyed your weekend…and I hope you enjoy the rest of your Monday! 


6 thoughts on “Confessions of a Monday

  1. Wonderful blog of “confessions”! 🙂 And I, too, cannot go through a Monday without remembering Margarita Mondays and missing all the fun that those nights entailed!!!

    Keep us all posted on your goings-on, and also if Prince Mario is destined for a Princess Peach or Prince Luigi! 🙂

  2. Have you thought about doing the Jazz Half Marathon in October? I plan on doing that one as my FIRST! THey have a neat training schedule on their website that has me starting to train in June.

    By the way, I LOVED “She’s Come Undone”!

  3. That half marathon sounds awesome, I say go for it! Love Wally Lamb, although that wasn’t my favorite book by him. And sorry to hear about the fraud, that bites.

  4. Dear Daydreams,
    I looked at your blog because I also wtote a Confessions blog recently. It was nice to read something that’s “normal”, instead of the crazy madman “literature” that I write. Thanks

  5. I love your confessions! I was just thinking this morning that I really need to move my alarm to the other side of the room. I’m a pro at hitting snooze up to 9 times a morning. Ugh. 😉

    Oh I also had CC fraud this year. What a pain in the booty. But that’s really great the CC company held it for you like that. I’m glad you got it all squared away. It kinda made me never want to pay with cards and only use cash again.

    You should totally run that half!! 🙂 How beautiful!

  6. A. Good job on the no snooze!!! Being an avid snooze button hitter myself, I know that’s not an easy feat!
    B. How awesome about ur company donating money in ur name!!
    C. You will kick that half marathon’s a$$!!
    D. Credit card fraud is annoying!!! It’s happened several times to me with my work cc. I feel ur pain!
    Have a great rest of ur week!!

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