Photo Running Tuesday!

It’s Tuesday which means, well, nothing really, but today it’s going to be Photo Running Tuesday! If you’ve ran or are going to run today, brag about it in the comment section.  Are you pounding the pavement with lots of miles, running hills, running speed workouts, running from the cops?  What kind of running are you doing today?  Maybe even post a picture of your run on your blog…I’m off to run now just so I can join the conversation.  And take pictures of myself!

P.S. I’ve been wanting a Self-Timer for my iPhone camera, so I downloaded the FotoTimer app.  I thought I would share a few fun pics for today!

Me: In my pre-run get-up.

Me: Post Run – Sunny, 85*, Wind at 18 mph, 62% Humidity (Having fun being a lil’ dramatic!)


Week 19 Totals
Walk – 2.12 Miles – 31:49 Minutes
Elliptical – 15:00 Minutes

Week 20 Totals
Walk – 14.53 Miles
Elliptical – 30 Minutes

Week 21 Totals
Walk – 18.37 Miles
Elliptical – (4) 30 Minute Sessions

What is your FAVORITE post-run treat in the summer?  I luv popsicles!!


3 thoughts on “Photo Running Tuesday!

  1. you are cute! i ran today. it was the LAST thing i wanted to do after a really rough night and day but am so glad i did!

  2. These pictures cracked me up! That hot pink looks super cute on you!! 🙂

    I ran on Sunday… 1 mile… and I was sore/dead/tired/exhausted/energized. Yesterday (Tuesday) I did a P90X workout. My favorite post run/outdoor exercise treat would be watermelon!!! 🙂

    (P.S. I still absolutely adore your home!)

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