Run, Jenny, Run!

And so it is!  I have decided to take the plunge & register for the Gulf Coast Half Marathon on the Louisiana Northshore!  Yes folks, that is 13.1 Miles! 

I brought up the site…and while my palms were nervously sweating and my thoughts were something like, ” I must be crazy, but…”  CLICK.  And it was done.

Did I really just do that?  Well, I know it is super far in advance, but I found a few online training programs that fit my current running habits, and I thought – why not?  I am the type of person that needs a goal in mind…and I have been wanting to challenge myself.  So now that I have committed, I am going to document it all here for you to follow along/laugh/wince in pain!  I’ll be honest with you – if I hadn’t committed to this, right now, I would be coming up with all sorts of excuses for not doing it.

I found a 16-week training program through that looked promising…and then found the Columbus Marathon & Half Marathon 20-week training program.  (This is close to home for me, and the race that my aunt my mom walked last year!)  Although the plans are similar, I think I like the consistency of running 5 days, with either 2 rest days, or one rest day and a cross train day!  The 16-week program has 3 rest days a week and even takes you the full 13 miles.

To be honest, I was discussing, on the phone with my mother, the option of running this race, and she asked me a very basic question.  When do you start training?  And I was like…oh – I perused a few training programs online and even with a 20-week program I won’t have to start until mid-June.  Being the ever persistent (wonderful) mother that she is…she paused on her end and I could hear her muttering under her breath.  Yep – she was counting back the weeks from the date (Oct. 9th) and very motherly like hinted that I may want to count my weeks again.  OMG.  With the 20-week option, I should have started THIS WEEK.  I told you I have been pretty sick and I think I was med-head when I looked up the plans!

Good thing the first week is 2 & 3 mile days – since I am coming off a cold and basically a 3-week running hiatus – this was my plan anyway!  Hah!  I admit that there will be a few days where I switch things around, but for the most part, I really enjoy having a good laid-out plan!  The hardest part for me will be getting over the mental hurdles of running longer than 5 miles! 

So why do I even want to do this?

  1. I’m 28.  An Adult Runner.  More often than not, I find myself analyzing nutrition labels, eyeing the anti-aging skin care line, and wondering why on earth can’t I stay up past midnight anymore? I know that now is the time to start taking care of myself and forming healthier habits.
  2. I’ve always admired the long-distance runners.  There is just something about the physical and mental challenge of completing such a long distance.  I’ve always secretly wished I could be a marathoner, but never really took any action to achieve it!
  3. I found the PERFECT half-marathon for me. It’s practically in my back yard!  My longest run to date (a 5 miler) was on the Tammany Trace – where half of the run will be – so no huge surprises!

So what are your reasons for running?  Are you a first timer or an ultra-marathoner?


6 thoughts on “Run, Jenny, Run!

  1. I don’t mutter under my breath (Do I???) LOL
    I’m SOOO proud of you! I totally believe you can do this. Even if I have to mutter (mother) to you along the way.
    I’M SOOO EXCITIED for you!!!!!!

    • Thank you!!! I looked at the Jazz Half Marathon down in New Orleans per your suggestion…but I just couldn’t resist running in my back yard for my first half!! If all goes well, I may just be crazy enough to consider another one soon! Also – there is one in January in Baton Rouge…you can even do relay teams! And I believe it’s women only! Let me know if you are interested!

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