Weekend Shenanigans

Running Snafu

So I’ve officially been back into running since August 2010.  As I may have mentioned before, I have always ran in New Balance shoes.  There is something about the comfort and fit for my (oversized) feet!  However, during my shoe-fitting HERE, I decided to try a new brand for me, Asics. I bought the ASICS Gel-Kayano 17 Road-Running shoe – one of their Stability shoes (because I over-pronate).  On the plus side – they have great cushioning, are very light, and provide great support during my runs.  I have been running in my Asics now for just over 2 weeks…and then BAM…after my Saturday run, I came home to a bloody sock.  Eeek.  My toes/feet weren’t really hurting during my run or anything, so I trimmed up my toenails, gave my foot a good cleaning, and thought I would give the shoes one more try. Just in case it was a random one-off, I didn’t want to give up on my shoes!  And…yep – yesterday’s run gave me another bloody sock.  And I could actually feel a lil’ soreness in my left toes at about the 2 mile mark.  Uugghh.  So I’m gonna have to go back and most likely find a new pair of my tried and true New Balance!  Update to follow.

2011 Personal Goals Update

I was recently asked by a friend to attend the Bayou Country Superfest this weekend. 

I wasn’t too sure about spending the day in 90* heat  – but thought – why the heck not?!  It proved to be AWESOME!!!  Just look at the line-up!!!  Ending my night with Tim McGraw…YES, PLEASE!

And – I had a BLAST!  We missed the first guy on the line-up, but wanted to make sure we were there for Luke Bryan.  And he was AWESOME!  He was a really good performer and interacted with the crowd!  Next up was Trace Adkins – a classic country performer.  Then…Sugarland his the stage.  And let me tell you how SURPRISED I was at their performance.  They were AMAZING!  The crowd loved them.  They loved the crowd.  And they even did a lil’ fun “remix” section playing a few versions of today’s hit pop/rap/country songs!  Would highly recommend seeing them if you get the chance!  And – Mr. Tim McGraw ended the evening.  And there is no question as to why he was the closing act!  He was really upbeat, LOVED his fans, sang a great mix of new & old songs!!!  The hubs also loves him, so I videod (?spelling) a few of our favorite songs on my iPhone for his return from offshore! 

So – I may now cross off one of my 2011 GoalsAttend a Live Music Performance!

ALSO – Sunday was a chill day for me…was feeling really wiped out from being in the sun/heat all day on Saturday.  So – I decided to see an afternoon movie – by myself!!!  Last fall I read the series by Emily Giffin (Something Borrowed, Something Blue, Baby Proof).  So I went to Fandango online…picked a time…and went to see Something Borrowed.  And I loved going by myself!  I didn’t feel weird buying a “ticket for one” or ordering a small popcorn or even walking into the dark theater and sitting by myself.  It was actually…refreshing!  And even though most everyone was there with a friend/sister/mother…I was still able to laugh at all the funny parts…just as if I were sitting at home on the couch watching by myself.  I highly recommend ya’ll try a solo movie sometime!

So – I may now cross off another of my 2011 Goals – Watch a Movie at the Theater by Myself!

AND…from my post on Friday, you will see that I am making progress towards one of my Life Goals – Run a 1/2 Marathon!  Here are the stats from week 1.  I didn’t quite make it on Wednesday – but I did end up doing a 15-minute “Butt Buster” aerobics to make up for my laziness (from the Nike Training Club app for Women on iPhone)!!  Also, I swapped my Friday rest day for Thursday since I was super-sore from afore-mentioned “Butt Buster!”  HAH.  I have an upcoming post on Fitness Apps for iPhone users. 

Until tomorrow! 


What did your weekend look like?


3 thoughts on “Weekend Shenanigans

  1. Oh my gosh, Jen!! That bloody sock – is your toe ok?? 😦

    This weekend was filled with a Crawl for Cancer (bar hopping downtown basically – all proceeds go to Cancer research), yard work at my parents house (which left us all EXHAUSTED), and relaxing with Nate, my bro, SIL, and parents. 🙂

  2. Shoot, I hit sent too soon… I’m so glad you had a great weekend! Sounded like it was a lot of fun! 🙂

  3. Ouch with the bloody sock. 😦 Blegh hope you can sort that out. And that sounds like fun… and woohoo for going to see a movie by yourself. I totally do that all the time now. Kind of a bummer when you want to talk to someone about it during/after but otherwise totally cool. Plus that’s what twitter’s for. 🙂

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