Lean Review: The Grid Foam Roller

I just happened to make a little trip to one of my favorite local sports stores to pick up a few things & register for a few summer races.  I have had my eye on the Trigger Point Foam Roller “The Grid” for a very long time, but hadn’t forked out the dough to get it yet – and “The Grid” just happened to be there.   I thought to myself, since I am committing to this half-marathon, I want to treat myself  to a good foam roller!

This little guy is made of EVA foam, made by the geniuses at Trigger Point, and is designed to withstand more pressure than traditional foam rollers. It’s also quite a bit smaller– 13 inches long – which means I can pop it in my small carry-on bag or suitcase with no problems. Awesome. There are 3 zones (you can see them by the different “grid” patterns) designed to put varying levels of pressure on your body. One is designed to feel like fingertips, one like a forearm/palm and one like your fingers and thumb.

I brought it home and took it out to give it a test roll and immediately noticed the difference.  My IT band is always a lil’ tight, and I just felt like the regular foam roller wasn’t really getting in there.  This thing did not disappoint!  The grooves really work and are able to get in a lot deeper than just the regular foam roller.  I also like that I can use it to roll out my calves, shins, butt, and back.

Although it was $40, it really is that much better than a regular foam roller. I feel like it gets deeper into my muscles and I love the varying pressure. It will be nice to take it with me on small trips – especially those where you sit in the car for hours at a time!  Or those touristy trips where you do a TON of walking!  You can get the Grid online at a variety of places or your local running specialty store – because spending your money locally is a good thing to do!  Also, it has a 1-year warranty, and I’m pretty sure Trigger Point is good on their word.


Run – 2.13 Miles – 21:15 Minutes

Run – 1.20 Miles – 11:36 Minutes
Nike Training Club App – “Butt Buster” – 15 Minutes

Rest Day (No Running)

Run – 3.05 Miles – 30:05 Minutes

Run – 2.01 Miles – 19:05 Minutes

Run – 3.00 Miles – 30:29 Minutes

Rest Day (No Running)
Walk – 12.06 Miles – 28:45 Minutes
Nike Training Club App – “Hurricane” – 45 Minutes

What are your favorite Running/Workout Apps?


2 thoughts on “Lean Review: The Grid Foam Roller

  1. Omg I JUST read on another blog where a runner recommended that exact one. Glad to hear it’s working out for you, maybe I need to get one.. I don’t have any.

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