National Running Day: Why do YOU run?

It’s National Running Day, a day for runners everywhere to celebrate their passion for running.

Let’s take a peek at a few human motivators: 

Chased by the Dog: We have a desire to stay healthy, blow off steam, avoid weight gain, heart disease, and middle-age spread. We run to escape unpleasant or painful things in life – the fear motivator.

The Brass Ring: We have PR’s to set, distance or weight goals to reach, competitors to beat, and status to earn. We run to reach a goal – the achievement motivator.

The Joy of Running: We have the times when we leave the watch at home, ignore the mile markers, and run to enjoy the scenery and collect our thoughts.  We run for running’s sake – the zone motivator.

Why do I run?

  • I run in order to challenge myself!
  • I run for my health.
  • I run because it’s fun!
  • I run to lose weight.
  • I run because it keeps me sane!
  • I run for inspiration.
  • I run for the solidarity!
  • I run for my individuality.
  • I run because I can!

Tonight will be an easy 2-3 miles in honor of National Running Day!

Why do you run?  I’d love to know!


5 thoughts on “National Running Day: Why do YOU run?

  1. Well… I run, because I never thought I could, so now I prove I can. Every time my feet hit the ground, they propel me further away from the girl I used to be, the girl I thought I was, and the girl I created by trapping her in fear and “You can’t’s.”

    That’s why I run… running away from something negative to a much brigther future. 🙂

  2. I run to stay skinny/fit, to get all my energy out so I can sleep at night, and because when I sit on my butt, staring at the wall, my tends to wander to places it shouldn’t and it causes me to get anxiety.

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