Daydream Adventure: Socotra

Please join me as my mind wanders to…Socotra!

Socotra is an island in the Indian Ocean, off the horn of the African continent.  The Socotra Archipelago reaches 250 miles east from Somalia into the Indian Ocean. Its four islands lie about that same distance south of Yemen. The area of the large island, Socotra, is 1,400 square miles. Quiet and remote, its population is ~44,000. (Only sixty or so people live on the three small islands.)

The archipelago features narrow coastal plains, a limestone plateau with caves, and mountains which rise to 1,525 meters above sea level.   The climate is harsh, hot, and dry, and yet – the most amazing plant life thrives there.  There are over 700 rare species of flora and fauna – and the truly amazing thing – 1/3 of these are found NOWHERE ELSE ON EARTH!

Come explore this real-life Alice in Wonderland island with me!

A Dragon’s Blood Tree is so named because any injury to the bark results in a deep red liquid excreting from the scar – compared in the past to the “Blood of Dragons”.
The branches spread out into the sky and from below appear to hover over the landscape like flying saucers… and from above they have a distinct mushroom look.
There is also the Desert Rose which looks to me like a blooming elephant leg!
Socotra Fig Trees have bizarre swollen trunks that remind me of a human doing a hand-stand!

Get tired of the arid landscape…scoot on down to the beach front!!  Amazing beauty!

(via Flickr: Valerio Pandolfo)

And this is where you might retire for the evenings:

This is truly a lost world!!!  I could not get enough of searching for photos of this unique, remote island!

*SIGH* – I do love to daydream…and I hope you enjoyed this daydream adventure with me!

My Daydream List is just that – a list of adventures and places that would otherwise fill my bulletin boards, drawers, and notebooks. It includes rugged terrain and serene beaches, oceanic endeavors and oriental exploration — anything and everything that makes my heart beat faster. It is not a bucket list, there is no box to be checked, or expectation to be filled. Instead, it is a list of opportunities, and I hope to take on several of them in my lifetime. ~Adapted from 4th & Flatiron’s Adventure List! She stated exactly what I was thinking!! ~


2 thoughts on “Daydream Adventure: Socotra

  1. Wow what a daydream.. that is such an amazing place, it feels unreal for a place like that to exist!

  2. The Dragon’s Blood Tree looks so cool!! 🙂 I love your daydream posts!! It makes me want to go travel so desperately… I hope you get to visit some of these places. Who knew the earth had such gorgeous landscapes?

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