# One Hundred


Woo-Hoo!  My 100th post!!!  I can’t thank you all enough for being loyal readers.  44 states and 49 countries have read me…and believe me, it would be hard to continue this blog if you all weren’t encouraging me along the way!

How exciting!  I decided to steal the format from runner’s rambles milestone posts and post 100 things about ME ME ME!  I know you can’t wait…so here it goes…

10 Things About My Past

  1. I was born March 19 (Pisces!)
  2. I am the oldest of 2 (one brother).
  3. I was born in Florida…
  4. But I grew up in Wild, Wonderful West Virginia!
  5. I have known my husband since the 5th grade.
  6. I majored in International Business.
  7. I interned in Washington, DC at The World Bank.
  8. I worked the same retail job for 6 years throughout high school and college.
  9. I moved to California right after getting engaged!
  10. I have worked for 3 companies in my adult life (6 years)

10 Things About My Personality

  1. I am genuine.
  2. I am optimistic.
  3. I obsess easily over things.
  4. I am stubborn!
  5. I am a pleaser.
  6. I am quiet.
  7. I am honest.
  8. I am competitive.
  9. I am affectionate.
  10. I am indecisive.

10 Random Facts About Me

  1. I drove my car from High School for 9 years!
  2. I have NO tattoos.
  3. I am working on my Black Belt certification in Lean Sigma.
  4. I had Lasik Eye Surgery – it was my college graduation gift from my parents!
  5. There are certain food textures that make me gag (i.e., Yogurt, Onions)
  6. I appreciate nothing more than the hometown values of hard work, loving your neighbor, investing in your community, and being grateful for all you’ve been given.
  7. I’d like to be a morning person, but I think I just might be the complete opposite.
  8. I was in my Freshman Chem Lab when 9/11 happened and got back to my dorm room just as the plane hit the second tower.
  9. I have never broken a bone or had a major injury! Knock on wood!
  10. I can’t stand pure chocolate – the smell makes me sick to my stomach!!  In fact, I hardly eat any chocolate!!! 

10 Dreams/Goals

  1. Travel through Italy!
  2. Connect with my family in Ireland.
  3. Own a vacation home.
  4. Build our own house!
  5. Live overseas.
  6. Become involved in a non-profit organization for which I’m passionate about.
  7. Watch a Space Launch.
  8. Go White-Water rafting in WV.
  9. Be comfortable traveling abroad!
  10. Watch the Aura Borealis in Alaska.

10 Things I Love

  1. My House!
  2. Animals.
  3. Volunteering.
  4. Cabernet Sauvignon Wine.
  5. Cheese, Cheese, Cheese!
  6. Popcorn!
  7. Comfy pants.
  8. Chapstick (Blistex, Burt’s Bees, etc.)
  9. Nike Tempo running shorts
  10. Roller Coasters!

10 Things I Love to Do

  1. Plan vacations!
  2. Run.
  3. Read.
  4. Visit new cities.
  5. Watch sporting events live!
  6. Get my head massaged hair washed at the salon!
  7. Play in Excel.
  8. Watch movies that involve the CIA.
  9. Photograph sunsets.
  10. Decorate for Christmas!

10 Things I Hate

  1. Swallowing pills
  2. Spiders…
  3. Automated telephone systems!  I always end up saying Operator, Representative, Human until they transfer me!
  4. Walking on the left side of a walkway!
  5. That there are so many homeless pets in America (Spay & Neuter!  And consider adopting an older pet!!)
  6. Yellow Candy! The taste remind me of Cleaning Supplies
  7. Finding that the toilet paper roll is on with the paper UNDER the roll, not over!
  8. Being touched with wet hands!  Creepy!
  9. People who talk on their cell phones in a public bathroom!!!  Really?!
  10. Talking on the Phone! (although necessary when we live far from family & friends)

10 Places I Have Been

  1. Lake Tahoe
  2. Las Vegas
  3. Grand Canyon
  4. Los Angeles
  5. Walt Disney World – Florida
  6. Houston
  7. Washington, DC
  8. San Diego
  9. London, England
  10. New Orleans

10 Things I Am Proud Of/Thankful For

  1. My Family!
  2. A happy marriage!
  3. I am training for a 1/2 Marathon!
  4. Great friends!
  5. I am a homeowner!
  6. I have a College Degree & a Masters!
  7. I live a healthy lifestyle!
  8. I volunteered at a Homeless Shelter on Thanksgiving Day in Washington, D.C.  Nation’s capital has one of the highest rates of homelessness…really eye opening.
  9. The hubs and I make time for at least one vacation a year.
  10. My senior year of high school, the Cross Country & Track teams both went to State & WON STATE!

10 Pictures Displaying Something From the Above Things About Me!

Me & my lil' bro!


Getting my Degree!

All the Washington, D.C. Interns!

Me in San Fran - at the AT&T Ball Park 🙂


Me in New Orleans - at the Hornets Game!

Married! June 09, 2007

Our first home! Mandeville, LA


The hubs & I at Lake Tahoe!


Volunteering at the St. Tammany Humane Society (No-Kill Shelter!)


I got "Disneyed" 🙂

 Here’s to the next 100 posts!


8 thoughts on “# One Hundred

  1. Awesome post! I like the 100 items broken down. By the way, my hubby and I were married on 6/8/7. We both have anniversaries coming up next week! 🙂 Congrats!

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