4-Miler in the Books!

Friday night was the Race Packet pick-up.  I stopped by Varsity Sports and picked up my Race # and instead of Race Tees…they were handing out Race Shorts!   A new pair of Brooks.  Super cute: gray & light blue.

Today was an amazing day.  This AM, I set the alarm for 6:15…layed in bed until 6:30, threw on my racing clothes, grabbed a bottle water and a Lara Bar, then trekked down to Old Mandeville for the 4th Annual Shorts Run.  This was my first 4-miler race!  My half-marathon training schedule had a 4-miler scheduled for this weekend, so I thought this race would be a good tempo run!

Tried something new on race day! Very yummy!

The race was fantastic!  Flat, but super fun. I even ran faster than my goal.  A few months ago I jogged my first 4 miles (since high school), running nice, even 10-minute miles.  So that became my goal today – to finish this race in 40 minutes!

Me Before the Race!

The race was kicked off at 7:30 am by a 1/2 mile run – mostly lil’ kids and a few adults looking for a fast warm-up.  At 8:00 am, they lined us up and gave us a quick route review, reminder of a water station at the 2 mile mark, and an end of race surprise of a water spray by the local Fire Department.  And we were off!  I quickly settled into a 9-minute mile pace.  A bit faster than I was originally thinking…but I wanted to just run and see where my body was comfortable.  I actually fell perfectly in stride with a fireman (whose name I heard yelled as Andy!)  We ran side by side for the first two miles.  Mile 1 took us through old Mandeville up to the Mandeville Cemetery.  Mile 2 was located after the Tammany Trace and across to the Lakefront.  Then after the water stop at Mile 2, I felt like I hit a brick wall and slowed down my pace. 

Mile 1 pace was 8:54.  Mile 2 pace was 8:59.  I went from that to a 9:45 minute mile (Mile 3 Pace).  Mile 3 was along the entire Lakefront…which is normally a fun run…but it was also mile 3 of a 4 mile race!!!  My mind was fighting me to run fast and end it at a normal 5K!  However, at the end of the Lakefront, we turned around a cone and headed back about a 1/2 mile.  That 3-3.5 mile was actually quite refreshing  because you got to see the front runners pass you by!  I was trying to count the number of females that were ahead of me and got to #20.  At some point between mile 3.5 & 3.75 I was passed…but I must have passed another female runner because as I came down the shoot, I was female #20!  

Overall, I ended with a time of 37:06 – average pace of 9:23!

On a side note, as the race was a benefit for the local fire department, there was a fire truck set up at the 3.75 mile marker with a SHOWER!!!  It was AMAZING to be running in 85*-90* heat and be rewarded with a shower just in time to cool down and sprint to the finish!!!

So…overall I felt pretty good!  I think I started out a bit fast…but I think race pace will do that to ya sometimes.  I did keep my 9 minute mile pace for the first two miles…but I definitely felt the need to slow down a bit for the last two miles. 

Me After the Race!

Here’s to another week of training in the books!

Do you ever run for charity?  Or do you volunteer in the summer?


3 thoughts on “4-Miler in the Books!

  1. Yah! Your first four-miler!!! Despite hitting the wall after mile two, it sounds like you still had fun! GREAT JOB!

  2. Those shorts look so cute! Do they bunch? I’m desperately in need of shorts that don’t bunch.

    Oh yeah and congrats!!

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