Lean Review: Picking a Schedule


It’s all about the schedule!  If you have been following me, you might have noticed that I recently signed up for the Gulf Coast Half Marathon in October.  In this post HERE, I started researching training schedules and picking out how I wanted to train.  I LOVE spreadsheets and making plans, but I was starting to get a headache – it’s just a little complicated to get everything you want, where you want it… and then do that for 20 weeks.

So – I started with a base plan by asking myself the following questions:

  • How many days a week do I want to run?
  • How many days a week do I want to cross-train?
  • What mileage do I want to max at?
  • How many weeks do I want to train?

After doing some online half-marathon training plan research, my plan started to develop.  I decided to use the Columbus Half Marathon 21-week training schedule as my BASE…and then tweak it from there!  I actually made my training an even 20 week program.  It is important to remember that no schedule is going to be one size fits all – so make sure your schedule works for you – otherwise, you are not setting yourself up to succeed.

So where did I go from there?  I called upon my complete and utter inner nerdiness – and created an Excel spreadsheet. 


Monday, 05.30.2011
Rest Day Scheduled 
45 Minute Nike Training Club App “Hurricane”
Walk – 2.06 Miles  – 28:45

I developed some nasty blisters on my left toes.  Last week while running, I actually made my toes bleed.  Not fun.  So I stopped by my favorite local running specialty store (Varsity Sports) on Sunday, and they told me that it is indeed, not the shoe, but the sock!  Cotton socks are not good for distance runners.  I purchased a pair of moisture wicking socks and they told me to lay off running for a few days to air out the blisters…and I was on my merry way.

Tuesday, 05.31.2011
2 Miles  Scheduled
Rest Day

I was scheduled to do an easy 2 miles today, but decided to play it safe again.  Besides, I was SUPER-SORE (in a good way) from the workout on the Nike Training Club App.  This was a true Rest Day!

Wednesday, 06.01.2011
2 Miles Scheduled
2.12 Miles / 20:53 / 9:51 Average Pace

National Running Day!  I lucked out with an easy run after work.  My legs felt a bit heavy – but after two days off I didn’t care and was just happy to be running!

Thursday, 06.02.2011
3 Miles Scheduled
3.10 Miles / 28:45 / 9:16 Average Pace

I went down to Mandeville Trailhead of the Tammany Trace and decided to try a new route.   I usually run in one direction, towards the State Park, go my distance, then turn around and come back.  On this night, it was devilishly hot, even at 7 pm …so I decided that in order to keep myself sane, I would vary the route.  I went the other direction, towards and through town!  And it was AWESOME.  Almost the entire path was shaded with arching trees – it was a real treat.


Friday, 06.03.2011
Rest Day Scheduled

I scheduled my first 4-miler race for Saturday (which fit nicely as my weekend long run!), so I was comfortable taking Friday as a Rest Day.

Saturday, 06.04.2011
4 Miles Scheduled
3.95 Miles / 37:05 / 9:23 Average Pace

4th Annual Shorts Run race review HERE.

2 Miles Scheduled
2.02 Miles / 19:52 / 9:50 Average Pace

18 Weeks to Go!

Does having a workout plan help you?  Do you have a workout schedule – for running, yoga, biking, weights, etc.?


3 thoughts on “Lean Review: Picking a Schedule

  1. Your posts make me wish I was a runner again! 🙂 And that I lived by you so I could run near really pretty scenery.

    I find that sometimes I can follow a schedule, but when I miss a day or want to do something different than previously scheduled, then I say “screw it” and end up throwing away the schedule. Sometimes setting a schedule to get back into the routine for me helps, then I can just do what I feel like each day. 🙂

  2. That sounds so exciting! Ew about the bleeding toes tho. Glad you have your schedule worked out.

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