First Bite of the Big Apple!


The hubs and I spent our 4-year anniversary in…New York City!  We decided about a month ago to pursue it…and I went about furiously planning flights/hotel/itinerary!  Needless to say…we filled every minute of our trip with something new & exciting!


Thursday, June 9, 2011 (Our 4-Year Anniversary) – We arrived at La Guardia Airport at 3:30 pm and hailed a taxi to our hotel, the New York Palace, in midtown Manhattan.  It is located across Madison Avenue from St. Patrick’s Cathedral.  It was a fairly quick 25 minute drive.  It was a beautiful hotel…had fabulous staff and service…and was in an EXCELLENT location to everything we wanted to see.  We checked in, changed out of our traveling clothes, and then headed out to get our bearings. 

New York Palace

Palace Courtyard at Night

View of St. Patrick’s Cathedral from our room (19th floor)

After 30 minutes of walking around, we decided to grab a few subs to munch on before we headed out and about.  And after a few minutes of staring at Subway maps, we finally figured out which trains we needed i order to head uptown to the Bronx for the Yankees vs. Red Sox game!  Yes, the Yankees have been the hub’s favorite team since he was a little boy…so you can imagine his extreme excitement all the way there…and utter awe when we arrived!

Yankee Stadium!

Super Excited!

We went to high school with this guy!

We went to high school with Yankees #33, Nick Swisher.  (The hubs even played baseball with him!)  So it was very exciting to see all the #33 jerseys around us!  We did swell, just a lil’ bit, with some hometown pride! Unfortunately…it started to rain as soon as we got inside the stadium.  We were too happy to care about that though, and decided to take a few laps around the stadium, grab some Yuengling, and just take in the atmosphere.  There was a rain delay.  Then a second rain delay.  Then a third rain delay.  Finally, at 8:30 pm, we decided to give it one more lap around the now crowded stadium and then head out if it didn’t stop raining.  Needless to say…3 hours after arriving at Yankee stadium, we left, without seeing the Yankees play.  (It turns out that they DID play at 10:35 at night though – bummer!)   So that was our first night in the City!

Coming up tomorrow – 20 miles of walking around Manhattan!!!  Empire State Building – Madison Square Garden – Bryant Park – Times Square (Daytime) – Rockefeller Center – 5th Avenue – Central Park – American Museum of Natural History – Times Square (Night).



2 thoughts on “First Bite of the Big Apple!

  1. Happy Anniversary! I remember your wedding as if it was yesterday. 🙂 Sorry to hear about the game, what a bummer. At least you got to see the stadium. 🙂 Can’t wait to hear more about the rest of your trip!

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