Lean Review: Tweaking the Schedule


A few weeks ago, I picked out a training schedule HERE for my first half-marathon.  This is the follow-up post where I tweak the schedule.  Well, technically I am picking a new schedule and tweaking that one…

As I have learned, no training plan is set in stone!  Last week, I realized that my training plan was not working for me – as I was not keeping up with the schedule.  In fact, over the last two four weeks, I sort of ad-libbed my schedule!   But after taking a look at my “life calendar” – I realized I needed a change if I wanted to set myself up to succeed.  So I decided to take a closer look at a 16-week schedule I originally found online – and disregarded due to fewer run days, lower mileage, and less training weeks.  Note to self…now that I have squandered the last 4 weeks…there are only 16 weeks left to train!

First things first – there are things to consider when tweaking the schedule: vacation, races, life events, specific workouts.

Vacation.  My recent anniversary trip to NYC was my first bump in the road with my previous schedule.  I knew the hubs and I would be active…but I didn’t realize that we would walk anywhere from 13-2o miles a day!  That – and our 18 hour touristy days – left little time for true workouts.  Oopsies.  Lesson Learned – if you are planning a vacation during your training, you need to anticipate this and plan accordingly.  Sometimes a vacation spot can be a new and exciting addition to your runs…but other times it may put your runs on the back burner.  At least if you have a planned vacation, you can consider shifting around your long runs and easy days.

Races.  I really enjoy the 5K…and I think they make great speed workouts during my distance training.  The thing with races during your training however, is that you have to make sure to fit them in during the right spots.  You don’t want your schedule to have a tempo run the day before a 10K, for example.  And for some people, like myself, I like the race atmosphere.  It gets me out the door…gives me practice getting to races on time…and also gives me a chance to try out race-day morning routines (sleep, food, nerves, etc.)

Life Events.  Another thing to consider is your everyday life.  Are there parties, weddings, or even work events that you might have to attend?  Knowing your life events ahead of time can help make sure you schedule your long runs around them.  Are you really going to want to get up for a long run the day after a wedding?  If you have a work event lasting late into the evening, maybe you should consider an early morning run?  Just a few things to think about.

Specific Workouts.  I have yet to include some true speed/track workouts into my schedule…but I know that one day I will want to!  And a lot of distance runners like one day dedicated to cross-training, such as cycling, or swimming.  I sometimes get in a rut where I just don’t feel like running that day…  I think having an extra “Rest” day or “Cross-Train” day can help break up the routine.  Also, when you switch your days around, you need to consider the workouts on the days before and after your switch…you don’t want back to back hard days!

Tweaking 101.  You know yourself the best…and it’s all about making a schedule that is best suiting for you!


 The last few days have been very low-key for me.  I have a HUGE blister on my heel (most likely from the day of walking 20 miles in NYC – in sandals – with a misting rain)…so I curbed the running for a few days.  I still did my 2-mile walk every evening…but for last week’s workout I ran one day, did the elliptical 2 days, and the stationary bike 2 days.

I will keep you posted throughout the week – but below is my new Week 1 Schedule.  Saturday was supposed to be a 3 mile day, but I had already signed-up for a 4.6-mile trail run, so I swapped Saturday & Sunday!  And I am VERY excited about an actual trail run! 


What are things you consider when tweaking your schedule around?  Have you ever had to totally scrap your training plan?


One thought on “Lean Review: Tweaking the Schedule

  1. Hey girl! Thanks for the comment! I totally know what you mean about having to tweak your training schedule. Sometimes you can’t be 100% on track, but you just have to know how to move workouts around to make it work best for you. I usually move my workouts around according to my work schedule, which changes week to week. I also got injured once during marathon training and had to back out of the marathon. That always the most disappointing thing!

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