Lacombe Crab Festival

Yesterday I celebrated the crusty crustacean by going with a friend to the Lacombe Crab Festival.  Lacombe is only 10 miles from my house, and I have never been there, so I said SURE!  Besides, what doesn’t grab your attention about their advertising:  “Do we have CRABS?  Why sure we do!”  They have boiled crabs, crab cakes, crab balls, crab beignets, soft shell po-boys, and more!  There is entertainment, food, artwork, and carnival rides all set under majestic live oaks.

Live Bands for Entertainment!

There was a small $5 entry fee, then you were greeted with live music and the smells of Cajun cooking!  We first strolled around the small park to see how everything was set-up.  The band stage was front and center, while the food/drink booths surrounded in a semi-circle.  Behind all the food was the carnival!  They had a circle rollercoaster, Dumbo flying cars, flying swings, rocking boat – you get the idea.  As it was steaming hot outside, we first grabbed a cold beer, then stood around listening to the closing songs of the band Supercharger.  They were pretty good!  Once the band left the stage, we headed indoors to the arts and crafts.

Local Art

We were met with the usual necklaces, fleur-de-lis jewelry, Saints and LSU accessories, nature painting, a skunk, an albino python, an alligator…oh wait?!  Those aren’t normal???  Yeah…welcome to southern Louisiana, where skunks and alligators are pets!

Petting the Alligator!

Shortly thereafter, we headed back outside and were hit-up for CRAB RACING!  I was game – totally excited!  We paid $3 to pick out a crab, receive our paper plate bid card, and line up along the box to cheer on our lil’ crusty crustaceans!  I picked crab #5 – because he was a lil’ fighter defending his corner of the box.

Crab #5 – Can I get a Cheer?!

And…they’re off! Look at them scurrying!

Wah-Wah.  #5 did not win.  Now, not to be sadistic, but we were hungry…so we were off to find some crab meat!  And we had a smorgasboard!  Round #1 – Crab meat quesadilla, crab beignets, and crab balls.  Round #2  – Fried green tomatoes, crab cake, and ribbon-fries (or sweet potato chips).  And we stuffed our faces while listening to the next live band The Chris LeBlanc Band!

Love Southern Food!

Mouth-watering goodness!

Overall, it was a fun couple of hours just hanging out, listening to some live music, and eating some fantastic southern food!

What did your weekend look like?


5 thoughts on “Lacombe Crab Festival

  1. Oh My Goodness!!!! You’ll definitely need to take me there next time I come to visit! Should I start a list of things I want to do, places I want to see, etc.???

  2. It is nice you enjoyed yourself and creatively put a good face on the cultural disaster this once really wonderful family festival has become. When it was started by the people of Lacombe in 1976-77 the Bayou Lacombe Crab Festival celebrated the local Chacta/Creole heritage and their crabbing and fishing traditions. It directly supported family organizations, civic clubs, and church groups, as well as small business people. It did so well that it was taken from the people of Lacombe by legal means and privatized by an elite group, which proceeded to mismanage it and wreck it. Then the parish bureaucrats and their cronies took it over and eventually turned it from a family cultural heritage fun event into a commericalized corporate-controlled tacky imitation of what the real Bayou Lacombe Crab Festival was supposed to be. It has been stripped of its cultural traditions, itslocal flavor, its heritage and turned into a disgrace display of out of town vendors in tin trailers who take the money out of Lacombe. It is a genuine disgrace and should be investigated.

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