Daydream Adventure: Gibraltar

Please join me as my mind wanders to…Gibraltar!

This British territory shares its northern border with Andalusia, Spain and is located at the southern end of the Iberian Peninsula at the entrance of the Mediterranean.  Gibraltar has a huge history and offers many sights worth visiting from castle ruins to whale watching to tax-free shopping! 

Tourist Junkie?!  Let’s start with the major landmark of the region, the Rock of Gibraltar.  Gibraltar is actually the Spanish derivation for the Arabic name meaning “mountain of Tariq.”  St. Michael’s Cave is a series of limestone caves found on the Rock which was years ago thought to be “bottomless”  and spurred many of the local legends.  One legend states that the cave was one end of a subterranean nature – 15 miles long connecting to Africa – in which Barbary Apes (Gibraltar Monkeys) entered from Morocco.  Another legend states the Rock was one of the Pillars of Hercules, and the cave was thought to be the Gateway to Hades. 

Sea Entrance to the Caves

Inside St. Michael's Cave!

Outdoor Enthusiast?! If you are up for some great hiking, you can challenge yourself to the Mediterranean Steps.  While they are simply limestone stairs, it’s extreme height and length to the top are not the faint-hearted.  During your trek, you will be awarded with breathtaking views!

View looking up...

View looking down...

And you reach the top!

View from top of Rock!

Nature fanatic?!  Enjoy watching the whales & dolphins at play down at the beautiful beaches!  Whales in the area include Humpbacks, Killer Whales, False Killer Whales, and several others.  Dolphins seem to love the Gibraltar and use the area waterways as a nursery.  Or you can go to the top of the Rock to Apes Den, where the only native breed of monkey in Europe remains.

Gibraltar Monkey (They love ice cream!)

History buff?!  Explore the World War II tunnels, the Moorish Castle, Grand Casemates Square, the Changing of the Guard, the Mosque Ibrahim al Ibrahim, etc.

World War II Tunnels

Moorish Castle

Spiral Staircase!

Grand Casemates Square

Changing of the Guard

Ibrahim-al-Ibrahim Mosque

*SIGH* – I do love to daydream…and I hope you enjoyed this daydream adventure with me!

~My Daydream List is just that – a list of adventures and places that would otherwise fill my bulletin boards, drawers, and notebooks. It includes rugged terrain and serene beaches, oceanic endeavors and oriental exploration — anything and everything that makes my heart beat faster. It is not a bucket list, there is no box to be checked, or expectation to be filled. Instead, it is a list of opportunities, and I hope to take on several of them in my lifetime. ~Adapted from 4th & Flatiron’s Adventure List! She stated exactly what I was thinking!! ~


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