Gulf Coast Training: Week 3


There were a few minor adjustments to this week’s schedule…one being that I skipped one whole day of working out…and the other that I swapped my Sunday long run for Saturday…and I LOVED it!

Week 1 Recap

Week 2 Recap

Monday, 07.04.2011
Rest Day Scheduled 

4th of July Celebrations!  After my crappy 5-mile run on Sunday, I was more than happy to take a Rest Day!!  Since the hubs was offshore, I spent the day cleaning up around the house and playing outside with Mario.  If you can believe it, he even helped me weed the flowerbeds.  I made dinner plans with a friend, and we chowed down on some fun salads at Chili’s, then headed over to The Barley Oak – an amazing local beer house – to capture some awesome lakefront seats for the evening Fireworks show. 

Tuesday, 07.05.2011
3 Miles  Scheduled
Rest Day

I was scheduled to do an easy 3 miles, but was excited that the hubs was back home.  We decided to take a 2-mile stroll around the neighborhood to chat and catch-up…and then I decided to take the night off to just hang out.  Bad runner, I know!

Wednesday, 07.06.2011
Rest Day Scheduled
3.01 Miles / 29:26 / 9:46 Average Pace

I decided to make up for Tuesday’s lost run…and headed out into the neighborhood to do a quick 3 miles.  The hubs and I walked our 2-mile route as a warm-up, and I felt pretty good during the run, actually finishing up mile 3 as my fastest mile (9:43, 9:56, 9:38).  However – I was quite shocked and disappointed to find out that my toe was bleeding again!  AARRGGHH – and I was wearing my wicking/anti-blister socks made for running!!!  I am not really sure what happened…my foot was not sore during the run – but I decided that I am going to make a trip to a different specialty running store to make sure I am running in the right gear.  Wah-Wah.  

Thursday, 07.07.2011
4 Miles Scheduled
Rest Day

Due to the bleeding toe yesterday, I decided it was best to take a day off again.  I did do my easy 2-mile walk through the neighborhood…and was then motivated to jump on my stationary bike.  But I decided after 10 minutes that no, I really needed to let my foot rest!

 Friday, 07.08.2011
Rest Day Scheduled
Cross-Train / 30 Minutes / Stationary Bike

After the traditional 2-mile walk, I hopped on my stationary bike for a quick 30 minute ride.  Nothing too exciting here!

Saturday, 07.09.2011
3 Miles Scheduled (Swapped for Sunday 6 Miles)
6.03 Miles / 1 Hr. 42 Sec. / 10:04 Average Pace

Wow – what a GREAT run!  And my time was faster by the mile!!!  I woke up at 6:30 (no alarm…just super bright outside now!) and ate a Luna bar for breakfast.  The hubs decided that he would do an hour elliptical workout while I went out for my long run.  So at 7:30, I left the house and headed out for the Trace.  I parked at the Tammany Trace trailhead, ran down to the Lakefront, 1 mile along the Lakefront, 2 miles in old Mandeville winding my way back to the trailhead, then a 1.5 mile out-and-back route along the Tammany Trace.  Mile 1 was 10:02, Mile 2 was 10:29, Mile 3 was 10:12, Mile 4 was 10:11, Mile 5 was 9:57, and Mile 6 was 9:35!  I finished my 6.03 mile run in 1 Hour and 42 seconds…an average pace of 10:04.

My 6-Mile Loop

Sunday, 07.10.2011
6 Miles Scheduled (Swapped for Saturday 3 Miles)
2.75 miles / 53:32 / 10:42 Average Pace

I wanted to treat this run as a slow recovery run.  I made it 2.76 miles (29:06).  At 8:00 am it was 84* and 60% humidity.  Blah.  I felt ok on the run…but could tell my legs were not wanting to go fast!!!  I enjoyed running my long distance on Saturday…but now I just have to find out what to do with Sunday!  Maybe a bike ride???

13 Weeks to Go!

 A peek at this week’s training:



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