Lakefront Oak – Bob Ross Style!

Hello friends!  Wednesday night I attempted Corks ‘n Canvas for a second time!  (Painting 1 HERE)  This event was on-site at a local pub – The Barley Oak.  The Barley Oak sits on the lakefront and has a wonderful view of – you guessed it – like oaks!  I saw an advertisement for the Corks ‘n Canvas event on the Lakefront for a fun-filled evening of Mimosa, Wine, Liquor, Beer Specials, and of course, PAINTING! 

Since I had such a great time for my first experience, I wanted to share with a friend who had never done a painting before.  We decided to pass along the word, and before we knew it, we had a small group of 6!  And two of the six were newbies! 

Painting of the Evening!

The Barley Oak!

The paint, easel, canvas, and apron are all provided.  And again – the whole process was fool-proof!  Even for a not-so talented artist as myself.  I was convinced I would be the one with a “cartoon” tree…or better yet…a stick tree!!!  We started with a blank canvas, and then were guided, step by step, to create our very own version of the Mandeville Lakefront Like Oak!

At this point, our painting should resemble the instructor’s:

We had a quick 10 minute break to let the paint try…then came back and “chalked” our tree outline.  From there…it was a brown, black, mustard mixture to get the bark texture and branch character! 

My tree is the 3rd…my friend Renee’s tree is the 4th…my friend Leslie is on the bottom.  Leslie was adventurous and added tree moss!

We took another quick break to let our trees dry…then came the really fun part!  We got to paint Bob Ross style!  Literally…dabbing the paintbrush along the canvas until our tree came alive with multi-colored leaves!  Only took ~5 minutes to make a full tree!  AH-MAZ-ING!

My Like Oak!

Leslie's Live Oak! (Beautiful!!)

Stacy's Live Oak! (So Full!)

Look at how different each person's Like Oak is?!

Overall – a fabulous evening!  I never thought I would pick-up a paintbrush and paint something that resembled real-life landscape!  A lil’ bit of paint…a lil’ bit of wine…and a whole lotta fun!

What is your favorite type of art?


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