A Little Blog Hop

Hello friends!  On this dark and dreary day, I thought Id share with you what I’m reading…

To be honest, I don’t know how I stumbled across this link – but there was a craze a while back where all my healthy friends were making “Green Monsters” a.k.a. Green Smoothies a.k.a. Super-Healthy Smoothies.  So I filed this link in my bookmarks and just found it again!  See the Green Monster Movement HERE.  There is also a link in the article to the author’s blog…also worth checking out!

Running Alert!  Another few running blogs that I have stumbled upon, mainly through links of fellow runners and bloggers.  Skinny Runner – Cali marathoner who takes trips to Alaska to help her family in the fishing industry.  She loves to keep up on celebrity whereabouts.  Fun, sarcastic, and easy to read!  Also, JerBear Shares – a Midwest marathoner – whose running history is basically interchangeable with mine!  However, I can only aspire to run a marathon like her!  And she’s a book nerd like me!!

Cajun Alert! I can’t remember exactly how I came in contact with Jess at From the Bayou to the Swamp – (I think it was from fellow 20-something blogger, Ari at Stopping for Daisies)  but she is from Louisiana, and a runner, and a blogger.  And we like to exchange blogger traffic!  Check her out!

Foodie Alert!  I recently met – In Real Life (IRL) – Dine with a Darling.  Her husband actually works where I work, and we randomly met up through a dinner my husband set-up.  Yeah…roundabout story…but this chica definitely has my taste buds flowin’!  Also – check her out template for a Restaurant Journal! Super cute idea!

And of course…I dearly love reading Kimi’s blog (over at A Slice of Kiwi).  She recently wrote a “letter” to JK Rowling about how the Harry Potter series has infiltrated her life forever…and if you are a HP fan, then everything she says will make you smile!!  Also, race fans, she is running her first MARATHON in October, so be sure to check out her progress and cheer her on!

On a workout note, last week I was NOT up to par on my weekly running goal.  Due to some HEAVY rain/thunder/lightening storms, I actually only logged 6 running miles.  I did do my 3 mile and 4 mile runs on the elliptical, as I do not own a treadmill.  There was no chance for me to do my long 6 mile run over the weekend, so I did a 5.5 mile run Monday night of this week.  GAH!


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