7-miler in the Books (& My Misery, to boot!

Hello friends!  Today was the first day in a long time that I woke up and truly did not want to run.  No reason…just really wasn’t feeling it.  BUT – I had a 7-miler on the scheduler, and there was no way I was going to miss my long run this week!  I woke up at 6:18 am – the alarm was set for 6:35.  So I turned off the alarm and was in and out of sleep until 7.  I got up, ate my Lara Bar, let the cat outside to play for a bit, got dressed, and picked up around the house.  At 8, I went outside to bring the cat in…and he was nowhere to be found!!! OK, I know he’s just a cat, but I think he was once contracted out for stealth operations…he’s that good.  Needless to say, 15 minutes later, and a whole lot of shaking his treat bag, the lil’ guy magically shows up on my front porch.  OK – there goes my early run plan.  But what’s 30 minutes, right?

So I head for the trailhead, determined to try out a newly mapped route (MapMyRun.com is awesome for that!).  As soon as I get there and step out of my car, I’m thinking, it’s hot.  It’s damn hot.  Maybe I will only get in 4 miles.  Yeah…real positive there chica!  So I start out, my legs are a little tight, but I feel awesome!  My first mile was 9:22.  My immediate thought –there is no way you can keep up this pace…you better watch it.  Ok – Negative Nancy was on my shoulder and I couldn’t shake her!  Mile 2 – flew by!  9:37 pace.  Ok…but you still have 5 miles! 

Uugghh.  at Mile 2.5, I was keeping steady…then BAM!  Brick wall.  For some reason, I couldn’t get out of my funk.  I slowed down…way down.  Mile 2 was 10:27.  Gah…a whole minute?!  Mile 4 – was just a straight stretch, back towards my car.  All I could think was, maybe I will stop and get some fresh water…walk a bit.  Yeah…4 miles is good enough.  What was going on?  I had run 6 miles three weeks in a row, no problem.  I even had a fast 4-miler earlier in the week.  The 4-mile marker was looming in the distance, and I just couldn’t quit.  I think every explicative ran through my head before I reasoned that it’s only 3 more miles!  Yeah, Nancy kicked in, at your pace that over 30 more minutes…good luck with that. Uugghh.  Mile 4 was 10:49 pace. 

So I thought…just keep shuffling.  I can at least do 6 miles, no problem.  From this point on, I was running on the Trace.  I only had to go up to 5.5 miles, turn around, and when I got back, it would be 7 miles!  Yeah, if only that easy.  Miles 5 and 6 CRAWLED by.  I kept thinking…please let my next 1/2 mile marker be just after that bridge.  No…ok…just after that funny shaped tree.  No…ok…just anytime soon will do!  Mile 5 was 11:19 pace.  Mile 6 was 11:26 pace.  To keep myself going, I kept playing the what if game.  What if I just stopped and threw-up here?  Nah…no-one around to feel sorry for me.  What if those aren’t wind chills, but hypothermia chills?  Oh yeah…its 83* outside.  Ok…what if I pass out from the heat?  Eh…i would prolly get some pre-teens cycling by too absorbed in how their bikes look to notice me.  What if I stepped on a snake-would I be able to calm it with my Parseltongue?  Oh yeah…I don’t speak to snakes.  What if I got chased by a squirrel? It would probably be like those commercials where they cause a car accident and stop and laugh at me!  What if I stepped in horse poo?  How long would the smell stay with me?   Yeah – loads of fun.  By this time, I was disgusted with myself.  I thought, I finished mile 6 faster than any other mile the last three times I ran this…why not now?  Ha.  I “sprinted” with all I had…and my time only went down to 11 minute average pace.  That was a blow to the ego.  So then I just kinda gave up and zoned out until I heard Total Distance, 7.01 miles from my fabulous RunKeeper app.  And I didn’t throw up.  And I didn’t pass out.  And I didn’t even die.  I ran a 10:41 pace for Mile 7. 

But I finished!  And I ran the whole time!!  And it’s my longest distance to date!!!  And although I had a mental goal of 1 hour 10 minutes (10 min/mile) – I finished in 1 hour 13 minutes and 46 seconds.  Not too shabby, Nancy!


5 thoughts on “7-miler in the Books (& My Misery, to boot!

  1. Wow, your run report sounds just like mine today! Our times were also very very similar. (I ran 6 miles today.) I did 7 miles last week and actually felt a lot better than today! It was absolutely miserable. I felt like a speed walker could have passed me up for sure towards the end.

    But at least we plowed through, right?

  2. Great job on getting in that 7-miler! I had 6 miles on the books for yesterday and I failed. Everything that could have went wrong did. I laughed at all of the little thoughts you had in your head to try to keep going. I do that too. I will pick out something and try to think of a big paragraph to write about it on my mind. Example: “What time did that owl get hit? Was it searching for food? Was it attacted by the headlights? How long has it been dead for?” LOL!

  3. Congrats on your run! You cracked me up with the way you told it. 🙂 7 miles is awesome!! For waking up not wanting to run, and knocking out 7 miles, even if it was slower than you originally wanted, is very impressive. If I woke up and didn’t want to run, I’d probably try to find a breakfast place that served Bloody Mary’s and call it a day. 😉

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