Gulf Coast Training: Weeks 5 & 6


Week 5 was NOT up to par on my weekly running goal.  Due to some HEAVY rain/thunder/lightning storms, I actually only logged 6 running miles.  I did do my 3 mile and 4 mile runs on the elliptical, as I do not own a treadmill.  There was no chance for me to do my long 6 mile run over the weekend, so I did a 5.5 mile run Monday night of next week.  GAH!

Week 6 was awesome on mileage…but I am still technically behind.  I think I just have to accept a loss somewhere!  I am noticing a definite shift in workout days…so I am revamping my schedule again!  When I first changed my schedule to reflect my long runs on Saturdays, I just swapped Saturday & Sunday.  But it looks like I may have to shift the entire schedule up by one day, so that I have an actual rest day following my long run!  Right now I am ok…but I am not going to want to run 4 or 5 or 6 miles a day after a 10+ long run!

Also to note – I completed my first 7-miler on Saturday!  But as you can read my previous post HERE…it was a tough one mentally.  To be honest, I actually finished with a decent time (Goal of 1 Hr. 10 minutes, Actual of 1 Hr. 14 minutes!) so I need to not be discouraged and just keep plowing on!

 10 Weeks to Go!

 A peek at this week’s training:

What has been your toughest workout to date?  What did you do to overcome it?


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