I’ve been Tagged – 7 Links

Last week the fabulous Kimi at A Slice of Kiwi tagged me to do a “7 Links” post.  I thought it could be fun, so here goes!

My most popular post – This was actually right after I started my blog (probably popular because it was something new for people to read!).  The post was my first Lean Review – why I wanted to get back into running – what lifestyle changes I was making – and some of my real-life inspirations!  LEAN START

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My most beautiful post – Hmm…don’t know?!  I liked the post titled IT’S THAT SIMPLE.

Simple Moments in Life

My most controversial post – Not any real controversy going on here – but I know a few people (family) were shocked that I would write such a topic as my cat’s stinky farts!  ODOR-ABLE KITTY!  A close 2nd was my real-world geography lesson on West Virginia in A STATE OF IT’S VERY OWN

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Most helpful post –  I’ve been told that my original “Lean” series posts were pretty helpful.  Most viewed were weeks 5 , 11, and 12.

via: Jogger’s Life

Surprise success post – This post was my review of the cartoon movie “UP” – “UP”SIDE OF MY DAY.

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Post that didn’t get enough attention – Hmmm this is kind of a hard one cause I don’t really care if a post doesn’t get enough attention. Perhaps my post about strong women characters on TV?  I suppose I thought I would receive more comments about other strong women that people relate to.  Maybe I was expecting a feminist rise?!  HaHa!  Then again…maybe people just don’t watch as much TV as me!  POWERFUL WOMEN CHARACTERS ON TV!

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Post I’m the most proud of – I really think my post about breaking the mental time barrier was a HUGE accomplishment for me.  I used to never run more than 3 miles (or 30 minutes)…but once I broke that barrier, I feel that I really stepped-up my game!  I worked up to 4 and 5 miles on my own…and even signed up for my first half-marathon!  LEAN REVIEW – WEEK 7

via: Google Images

Of course, being as indecisive as I am, and as you know me to be – that was a lil’ more than 7 posts!  But that’s ok.  I enjoyed reminiscing – and I hope you did too!

And I’m tagging fellow bloggers of my own to do this post too, if they want!

Katie – Finding my Om

Jess – Cajun Runner Jess

Ari – Stopping for Daisies

Kathy – Life As I Know It

Deena – Wayfaring & Wanderlust

Megan – *Fit* Crafty English Teacher

Share some link love: in the comments, leave the link of your all time favorite post you’ve ever written (or read).  Then, I can read the best of the best, and so can everyone else! Think about the post where you ran the fastest, created the best recipe, reflected on something important, or just had some great photos!


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  1. Thanks for tagging me too! I just need to figure out what goes in each catergory. Oh, and I don’t have your email address to respond to comments. Please send me your email to mine (check my blog for it!)

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